Show Off Your Inner Geek!

Let’s face it, being a geek is somewhere between just plain cool and just plain nerdy. You’re the one who can stare at code for hours, usually while the cheerleaders snicker behind your back, and then show all your friends this new Android game you just created. Then you’re the cool one who is making … [Read more…]


Hopscotch is a classic playground game that has been played by children at recess for decades. There is a variety of possible layouts of the hopscotch court, but it is usually recognizable as an arrangement of rectangles or combination of rectangles and triangles. The court is usually drawn with chalk or painted onto the pavement. … [Read more…]

How To Do The Moonwalk Like Michael Jackson

Don’t know how to do the Moonwalk? If you’re a true fan of Michael Jackson, you must have tried at some point with varying degrees of success. The Moonwalk is a graceful blend of sliding, gliding, and floating. Many people are unaware that Michael Jackson actually did not invent the mechanics of this dance, but … [Read more…]