Making The Perfect Casserole

You would think that making a really good casserole would be easy. Just throw a lot of good stuff in a casserole dish and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for half an hour, right? I thought so, too, until I was at a friend’s house and tasted a casserole that was just flat out inedible. … [Read more…]

What Goes Into Your Hamburger?

Have you talked to those people who are obsessed about what goes into their food? In some cases, I’m surprised that they haven’t taken up hunting because at least there’s no argument about what that wild deer has eaten for most of its life. However, they do sometimes have a valid point. There’s some weird … [Read more…]

Stuff To Do With Coffee

What’s the most creative thing you’ve ever done with coffee? I mean other than accidentally putting a tablespoon or two into your soup because your container of instant coffee looked so much like your container of beef granules, and then the soup tasted funny and your entire family got no sleep that night. Don’t worry, … [Read more…]

Insects are what’s for dinner.

So we’re all on Mars. What are we going to do about protein in our diet? There are a few favorite options for solving this problem. Mushrooms will give you no trouble if you give them the right nutrient blend, a UV light and a dark corner to grow in. Chickens lay eggs, but watch … [Read more…]


Jagermeister is Germany’s most popular exported liqueur. It has a mildly fruity taste without being too sweet and its exact recipe is one of the best kept secrets of the alcoholic beverage world. Jagermeister is rumored to include 56 herbs in carefully balanced measurements. It is a favorite for shooters and people who enjoy a … [Read more…]

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without dressing, homemade gravy, pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes! This is one day of the year when it’s okay not to diet, because who wants to miss out after you’ve put so much effort into it, right? If you insist, you might be able to find low-fat recipes, but you … [Read more…]

How To Make Home Fries

If you’ve ever been at a sit-down breakfast restaurant, you’ve likely seen some variation of “Home Fries” on the menu. Maybe you’ve even tried them and/or got them drenched with sausage gravy. Sure, they’re total grease bombs, but very few Americans can honestly tell you that they haven’t enjoyed a plateful at least once in … [Read more…]

My Favorite Sushi Recipes

When most people think of sushi, they typically think of raw fish wrapped in rolls. Traditional sushi is actually quite good for you. The basic ingredients are vinegared rice, a type of dried seaweed known as nori, vegetables and fish. Many of the traditional sushi recipes are low-calorie while rich in fiber, nutrients and brain-building … [Read more…]

Choose Your Chocolate

Chocolate is so popular as a snack and a dessert that you might think it is as unhealthy as any other popular snack that actually tastes good. However, if you indulge in moderation, are choosy about your chocolate, and eat it as part of a healthy diet, it can actually be as beneficial as any … [Read more…]