Capitalism Needs Cryptocurrencies

How do you think people paid for things in the 14th century? When most people went shopping, they might have gone to an outdoor marketplace that was considered an ordinary shopping center at the time. You would see men carrying purses that contained their money – usually coins, because paper money hadn’t quite caught on … [Read more…]

Banks Are Still Confused About Cryptocurrencies

It’s probably no surprise to Bitcoin users that cryptocurrencies confuse banks. Do they count as assets or currencies? Should they be regulated or ignored? JP Morgan was caught editing a job listing to delete a single line requiring applicants to have an “opinion on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.” Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan doesn’t … [Read more…]

Should Greece Adopt Bitcoin?

If you’ve been paying attention to international news, you might know that Greece has few good options when it comes to economics. Austerity failed and took a bailout from the Eurozone with it. Maybe Greece should have sucked it up and tightened its belt, but now, there’s going to be little enough good news no … [Read more…]