Bitcoin Is “Dumb,” And That’s A Good Thing.

Forbes columnist Neale Godfrey recently warned Millennials to “beware of the Bitcoin bite.” To be fair, there probably aren’t many Bitcoin enthusiasts who aren’t aware that Bitcoin is a risky investment by now. Recent events that include the conviction of “Dread Pirate Roberts,” and now the closure of a major Hong Kong exchange, don’t help … [Read more…]

Bill Gates: Bitcoin Probably Won’t Achieve Dominance

Recently, Bill Gates told Medium that Bitcoin alone wouldn’t solve all of the challenges inherent in international payments. He has been cautiously optimistic regarding digital currencies but said that Bitcoin has some geopolitical issues that could hold it back. Despite stating the obvious in an environment that includes the New York City BitLicense and Russia’s … [Read more…]

Cryptocurrencies Can Win In The Long Run

So Bitcoin took a serious nosedive in 2014. At under $300, it looks bad for the people who got into Bitcoin in 2013 when you could sell one for $1000. Obviously not a very good ROI, but what if I told you that things are not entirely hopeless yet? People are talking about the silver … [Read more…]

Launching My Own Crypto Business

I remember the first time I heard about this little cryptocurrency called Marscoin. It was created by a few future Martians for a future Martian economy. My honest first reaction was, “Okay, this may be jumping the gun a little bit, but at least somebody’s thinking ahead.” Like most cryptocurrencies, it doesn’t rely on banks … [Read more…]

Bitcoiners Should Quit Being So Grumpy.

So I might have mentioned a few times that I like cryptocurrencies. They’re pretty easy to use if you can copy-and-paste a string of letters and numbers. Transaction fees are low to nonexistent for most cryptocurrencies, so they can really save retailers a lot of money and it’s not hard for them to pass those … [Read more…]

Bitcoin Can Help The Victims Of Income Inequality

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are already doing a lot of good things. Bitcoin miners donated over 51 Bitcoin to an organization that helps African children who have been orphaned by AIDS. The Dogecoin community has helped cash-strapped athletic teams get to the Olympics and raised money to bring clean water to an African village. Marscoin has made … [Read more…]