The Best Of 1960s Music

What images does mention of the 1960s bring up for you? Hippies. The Space Race. The Civil Rights movement. And, of course, good music. Here’s a random selection of some of the most memorable bands and songs from the 1960s. Like A Rolling Stone Bob Dylan More From Bob Dylan In My Life The Beatles … [Read more…]

The Best Of 1950s Music

If you remember listening to the fun music of the 1950s, you’re probably wondering why the radio simply doesn’t play this kind of music anymore. The truth is, the industry changed but that doesn’t mean your tastes in music have to. So go ahead and enjoy your favorites from John Berry, Johnny Cash and, yes, … [Read more…]

My Application Video For Mars One

So I had to make a one-minute video for my Mars One application. My first reaction was, basically, “Gulp”. How on Earth was I going to make a standout video when I get awful stage fright? Don’t laugh, please. I’ve heard of guys who could, and sometimes have, walked through fire and they still get … [Read more…]

What Is USB?

You might have heard the phrase, “The world connects through USB.” Those little ports that you can plug memory sticks, keyboards, printers, mice and much more into are a relatively recent explosion on the technology scene. Okay, USB predates Android tablets, but how many of you remember the days when you had separate ports for … [Read more…]

Cisco Router Basic Configuration

Routers are pretty much a mystery for a lot of people. If you asked someone in your accounting department to point to the one in their office, they might scratch their heads and admit that they don’t even know what it looks like. However, since you are a network-savvy person, you already know that you … [Read more…]


Mathnet is an obvious take on the popular show Dragnet and was created as a segment of the Square One TV show. It features two detectives whose main tools are calculators and use math to solve mysteries. The original regulars included Kate Monday (Beverly Leech) and George Frankly (Joe Howard). Kate Monday was eventually replaced … [Read more…]

National Odometer Day

May 12th is National Odometer Day. Why odometers? Well, an odometer is that device on your car that records how many miles it has been driven. It can tell you when you’re due for an oil change, help you calculate how many miles per gallon you’re really getting, and can be a selling point if … [Read more…]