Stuff To Do With Mint

Mint is most commonly used as a breath freshener and in certain herbal teas. However, it has many more potential uses that make it a useful addition to your home-medicine arsenal. It makes a good remedy for mild digestive ailments, can help with headaches and makes a good mild insecticide. It also goes well in … [Read more…]

Space Agencies Need Better Publicity

Have you ever wondered why space exploration efforts don’t get as much attention as they used to? Space agencies around the world suffer from a publicity problem because they don’t know how to bring it back down to Earth. That leaves people asking what practical benefit have come back to Earth by sending robots to … [Read more…]

Choosing A Telescope

Are you looking for a new telescope? If so, you probably wonder what kind of options you really need. It might be tempting to get the most expensive one that could rival the telescopes that professional astronomers use. However, if you don’t plan on competing with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, you should consider a telescope that … [Read more…]

Harsh Criticism of Mars One?

I’ve been hearing a lot of criticism of Mars One around the Internet. Bloggers are saying that it’s a hoax, that they’ll never raise the money needed to send colonists to Mars, and that the technology isn’t really there like Mars One is saying. Those of us who think it can be done tend to … [Read more…]

The Mercury Missions

The Mercury missions were NASA’s first serious effort to send American astronauts into space. One of its primary objectives was to prove that humans could live and work above Earth’s atmosphere. Along the way, there were several technical challenges, successes, and occasional frightening moments for both the Original Seven Mercury astronauts and those supporting them … [Read more…]