How To Make A Good How To Blog Entry

So you’re the one everybody goes to when they want to know how to do something. That’s how you know you’re good but you do get tired of answering everybody’s questions all the time. That’s where a nifty blog comes in handy. You can make brilliant how-to blog entries about the hobbies, activities and work-related … [Read more…]

To Buy Or Not To Buy (Silver)?

Should I, or shouldn’t I, buy that 10-ounce silver bar? @apmex Thinking about it… — Heidi Hecht (@Squidoogeek) May 12, 2013 Yep, that’s me twisting APMEX’s tail over investing in precious metals in the Twitterverse. Like most of those guys who deal in assets like silver and gold, they advertise it as a hedge against … [Read more…]