Fluff’s Wishlist

What does a cat really want? I know a lot of humans tri A little catnip would be good. Maybe some mice to chase. I know I’m just a little kitty but I have a nice long wishlist. If you help me out, I’ll give you a nice purr and a leg rub. Oh, and … [Read more…]

Stuff To Do With Mangoes

Have you ever craved a mango? If so, go ahead and indulge. With all kinds of health benefits and only 110 calories in an average-sized mango, it certainly beats potato chips. Mangoes are packed with vitamins, minerals, potassium, fiber and antioxidants and contain an enzyme that can assist with digestion. That same enzyme makes mango … [Read more…]

Stuff To Do With Apples

You have a bag of apples around your house, don’t you? You probably don’t think much about those apples, except as a healthy alternative to potato chips when you want a crunchy snack. You just want to think of something to do with them before they get all wrinkled and brown. No worries. If you’re … [Read more…]