Why You Should Ignore SEO

If you’ve been around the Internet for any length of time, you’ve probably seen it. Something along the lines of a whole long string of words like, “SEO | SEO Domination | Search Engine Optimization | Search Engines | Google Search Engine”. WTF? Well, those are probably second-rate bloggers going by old, outdated SEO rules … [Read more…]

Wanted: People With A Good Work Ethic

Ever wonder what kind of work ethic is expected of people who work in restaurant kitchens? Well, FARMBloomington actually laid it out fair and square in a recent “help wanted” ad for line cooks. Line cooks must “show up early and work hard all day”, as well as “show respect for the chef, the food, … [Read more…]

Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget focuses on the adventures of the bumbling Inspector Gadget, assisted by his more competent assistant and niece, Penny, and the genius dog Brain. The Inspector primarily seems to exist for the purpose of showing off gadgets that magically appear when he says, “Go-Go Gadget (Fill in the gadget of the day)!” His gullibility … [Read more…]

Celtic Woman

  Celtic Woman combines talented and beautiful women, an awesome orchestra and the best of Celtic music for a musical experience you won’t forget. Visit them at The Celtic Woman Website for tickets to one of their shows or just enjoy their music with their CDs, videos and music downloads. The Sky & The Dawn … [Read more…]

The Grebsa Network: Snow Puppies

“We are the Mighty Grebsas, we shall rule an empire With the thunder of our roaring voice to pass our judgment dire. With our strong swift wings and sharpened claws to enforce our will of iron, May we ever prevail!” The Lords of the Grebsa Network were caught completely off guard. The alien Veroshi swooped … [Read more…]

The Point Of Going To Mars

Why bother going to Mars? When discussing any major new undertaking, you will hear from the skeptics and the people who think it’s “too expensive”. However, there are plenty of reasons for sending people to Mars, not the least is that it will inspire a new generation of people who are interested in expanding their … [Read more…]