Weird News

Has a news headline ever left you scratching your head? You’re not alone. The news is full of funny, strange and, yes, somewhat sad events. So, if you’re out looking for a headline to make you laugh, forget “The Onion” and just browse your local newspaper to see some funny news articles that have the … [Read more…]

Filk Music

Do you get sick of those mindless songs you hear on the radio? I don’t blame you. It gets to the point where I think it takes no imagination to write a love song. Fortunately for those of us who have a brain in our head, there’s always Filk music. And what is Filk? Well, … [Read more…]

The Best Astronomy Videos Ever

I hope you’re not one of those people who needs proof that astronomy is cool. You weren’t bored by those dry facts you had to memorize out of your grade school textbook. If you were, you must have had one dull teacher. Fortunately, there’s always Youtube. These awesome videos ought to liven things up for … [Read more…]

Violent Crime? Defend Yourself!

You do just about everything you can to protect your home. You have the security cameras, the alarm system and the Golden retriever that barks at anyone who walks by your gate. However, there’s one thing you’ve been procrastinating on and that’s having something to defend yourself with if somebody walks right through all that. … [Read more…]

Stuff To Do With Coconut

This is certainly a hairy piece of fruit, isn’t it? Well, it’s technically a kind of nut. Coconuts (Coco nucifera) are native to islands in the Southern Pacific and are a traditional source of food, fresh water and medicine for people who live in the same region. If you bought a few coconuts, be sure … [Read more…]

The Avengers

So you’ve been keeping track of the movies coming out of the Marvel Universe lately. You’ve seen both Hulk movies, both Iron Mans (and you’re looking forward to the third one), Thor, and Captain America. You’re probably wondering where the franchise is headed now that “The Avengers” is on DVD. We all know how the … [Read more…]

Funniest Animal Videos

Your pets crack you up. They get into the strangest predicaments or just get this funny look on their face when you catch them at something. There ought to be a TV show for this. Luckily for those of us who don’t watch much TV, there’s always Youtube. So keep your cameras handy, because you … [Read more…]