Fantasy Art on Zazzle

You like fantasy. You just want something other than the glittery vampires of “Twilight” and the newfangled wizardry of “Harry Potter.” I’m with you. It’s not easy to find fantasy imagery that isn’t getting drowned out by major studios. That’s what makes Zazzle different. It features a lot of unique fantasy products from people just … [Read more…]

Squidoo Forced My Hand

If you’ve visited my blog lately, you might have noticed a few oddities. I posted eleven blog entries on computer networking-related topics, a couple of Lenses on children’s games and toys, and one post on Valentine’s Day cards. Valentine’s Day cards in the middle of April? What gives? Well, basically, I’m a member of a … [Read more…]


The Yo-Yo is a deceptively simple toy that was around way before iPads, electronic games and many popular board games. Though often thought of as a child’s entertainment, there are also adults who enjoy learning yo-yo tricks. As you can see in this picture, there are a few types of yo-yo, each of which has … [Read more…]

Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast! Stay on top of the romantic day of the year by doing some of your Valentine’s Day shopping early. For once, you don’t have to go with those mass-produced cards you see in the Hallmark or department store. You can come up with unique, funny, cute and romantic cards that … [Read more…]

Show Off Your Inner Geek!

Let’s face it, being a geek is somewhere between just plain cool and just plain nerdy. You’re the one who can stare at code for hours, usually while the cheerleaders snicker behind your back, and then show all your friends this new Android game you just created. Then you’re the cool one who is making … [Read more…]


Hopscotch is a classic playground game that has been played by children at recess for decades. There is a variety of possible layouts of the hopscotch court, but it is usually recognizable as an arrangement of rectangles or combination of rectangles and triangles. The court is usually drawn with chalk or painted onto the pavement. … [Read more…]