Where Everybody Knows Your Name… This popular sitcom, which ran from 1982-1993, still holds a special place in sitcom fans’ hearts for its excellent writing, a diverse cast of characters and unique bar setting. Bit of trivia: You can find the real Cheers bar at two locations in Boston. The original is at 84 Beacon … [Read more…]

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

She’s been the subject of books, games, a cartoon, and two game shows and has her own website, Twitter and Facebook page. She’s Carmen Sandiego, a mysterious criminal mastermind who can be anywhere in the world right this minute. She’ll leave behind a series of clues for anyone brave enough to chase her. Your goal … [Read more…]

Movies for Space Lovers

You’re an astronaut fan. You might have already read just about every book on astronauts and space exploration you can get your hands on. Now you want to see them in action with favorite movies. There isn’t a whole lot that hasn’t been Hollywood-ized and played fast and loose with some of the details, but … [Read more…]

Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget focuses on the adventures of the bumbling Inspector Gadget, assisted by his more competent assistant and niece, Penny, and the genius dog Brain. The Inspector primarily seems to exist for the purpose of showing off gadgets that magically appear when he says, “Go-Go Gadget (Fill in the gadget of the day)!” His gullibility … [Read more…]


Mathnet is an obvious take on the popular show Dragnet and was created as a segment of the Square One TV show. It features two detectives whose main tools are calculators and use math to solve mysteries. The original regulars included Kate Monday (Beverly Leech) and George Frankly (Joe Howard). Kate Monday was eventually replaced … [Read more…]


The Yo-Yo is a deceptively simple toy that was around way before iPads, electronic games and many popular board games. Though often thought of as a child’s entertainment, there are also adults who enjoy learning yo-yo tricks. As you can see in this picture, there are a few types of yo-yo, each of which has … [Read more…]


Hopscotch is a classic playground game that has been played by children at recess for decades. There is a variety of possible layouts of the hopscotch court, but it is usually recognizable as an arrangement of rectangles or combination of rectangles and triangles. The court is usually drawn with chalk or painted onto the pavement. … [Read more…]

How To Do The Moonwalk Like Michael Jackson

Don’t know how to do the Moonwalk? If you’re a true fan of Michael Jackson, you must have tried at some point with varying degrees of success. The Moonwalk is a graceful blend of sliding, gliding, and floating. Many people are unaware that Michael Jackson actually did not invent the mechanics of this dance, but … [Read more…]