End Of Round One, Random Thoughts

By the time you read this, Mars One will have closed the doors on new applications. Until September 5th, existing applicants can still make tweaks to their applications, but newcomers will have to wait until 2015 to apply. For me, it’s a done deal. I’ve made my tweaks. My application video might not be the … [Read more…]

Hanging Out with Bas Lansdorp

Washington D.C. is a big city and a bit of a maze for a person who is visiting for the first time. I was on my way to the Million Martian Meeting organized by the Aspiring Martians Group (AMG for short; I like acronyms), walked a little too far, and backtracked to find the Marvin … [Read more…]

The Path To Mars

  So you might have heard that Mars One intends to send colonists to the Red Planet by 2023. Some of the details are already available, including advance supply missions to ensure that the infrastructure is in place before the colonists arrive. It would be interesting to know what the actual manned mission to Mars … [Read more…]

Harsh Criticism of Mars One?

I’ve been hearing a lot of criticism of Mars One around the Internet. Bloggers are saying that it’s a hoax, that they’ll never raise the money needed to send colonists to Mars, and that the technology isn’t really there like Mars One is saying. Those of us who think it can be done tend to … [Read more…]

What I Learned From The Humans To Mars Summit

The Humans to Mars Summit earlier this week (May 6-8) brought up some good talking points about manned missions to Mars. With so many plans in the works, it’s no longer a bunch of nerds preaching to the choir about why we need to go. Real hardware is being developed, people are talking about the … [Read more…]

The Point Of Going To Mars

Why bother going to Mars? When discussing any major new undertaking, you will hear from the skeptics and the people who think it’s “too expensive”. However, there are plenty of reasons for sending people to Mars, not the least is that it will inspire a new generation of people who are interested in expanding their … [Read more…]

My Application Video For Mars One

So I had to make a one-minute video for my Mars One application. My first reaction was, basically, “Gulp”. How on Earth was I going to make a standout video when I get awful stage fright? Don’t laugh, please. I’ve heard of guys who could, and sometimes have, walked through fire and they still get … [Read more…]