The Best Of 1970s Music

The 1970s were a decade of platform shoes, smiley faces and mood rings. CB radios were riding a high of popularity for people to warn each other of speed traps, and the low-maintenance Pet Rocks were almost as popular as cats and dogs. The music was also lots of fun, with the introduction of Disco … [Read more…]

The Best Of 1960s Music

What images does mention of the 1960s bring up for you? Hippies. The Space Race. The Civil Rights movement. And, of course, good music. Here’s a random selection of some of the most memorable bands and songs from the 1960s. Like A Rolling Stone Bob Dylan More From Bob Dylan In My Life The Beatles … [Read more…]

The Best Of 1950s Music

If you remember listening to the fun music of the 1950s, you’re probably wondering why the radio simply doesn’t play this kind of music anymore. The truth is, the industry changed but that doesn’t mean your tastes in music have to. So go ahead and enjoy your favorites from John Berry, Johnny Cash and, yes, … [Read more…]

Filk Music

Do you get sick of those mindless songs you hear on the radio? I don’t blame you. It gets to the point where I think it takes no imagination to write a love song. Fortunately for those of us who have a brain in our head, there’s always Filk music. And what is Filk? Well, … [Read more…]