You probably like your ear buds when you’re hitting the gym and want to listen to your favorite workout music without bothering everybody else. You just wish you didn’t have to put up with those annoying wires when you’re on the treadmill. Those things get tangled, they bounce up and down when you run on the treadmill or go cycling, and you’ve managed to yank the ear buds right out of your ears when the wire got snagged on something. The good part is that you can dump the wires (mostly) with a good set of Bluetooth ear buds and your favorite Bluetooth enabled device.

TAIR Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphone With Mic

While the product description does read like the seller needs to hire a better content writer, the average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon with 112 reviews does not lie. People like this one. It’s got Bluetooth 4.1, a design that’s as simple as possible for a headset with a mic, and a magnetic design that helps to cut down on lost ear buds. You might want to experiment with the equalizer on your favorite music device to get perfect sound, but for a set of ear buds, the range is impressive. It’ll hit the bass and it’ll hit the treble without sounding strained. The built in microphone is a pleasant surprise for people who might get an important phone call while they’re out jogging. They can hear the voice on the other end without a problem and the people they talk to say that their voice comes through loud and clear. Tall people like it because it’s a long way from their ears to their pocket and now they can simply connect with Bluetooth instead of worrying about whether the connecting cord is long enough. The battery life is pretty good at four hours and most people just put it on the charger when they’re done with the workout. It’s kinda what you expect — a Bluetooth ear bud set for listening to music or taking a call during a workout — and it does its job very well.

Youmoon Bluetooth Headphones

Somebody definitely skimped on the content writer (again) but isn’t skimping on the technology here. This set of wireless ear buds is set up to deliver on the Bluetooth connectivity and the sound. The ones who complain about it being pricey probably got it at a time when Amazon wasn’t selling it at effectively clearance prices, but if you can get it for less than $20, you’re getting a steal. It’s one of the few ear buds that are truly sweat proof, making it a true workout set that you can use confidently even when you’re jogging on a seriously hot, don’t-forget-your-Gatorade kind of day. It comes with a small but durable travel case for easy stowing with even fewer worries about tangled cables. The ear bud fits snugly in your ear without being irritating and can stay on through an entire 4-hour bike ride and the battery lasts about that long too. Just pop it on the charger when you have a free couple of hours and it’ll be charged. The on/off button can also provide some pretty basic yet adequate control for your phone — pick up or reject a call, hang up, or retry the last number you called. Amusing name, but if you’re into listening to music on your iDevice during your workout, this option can deliver the quality of a $40 ear bud set for less than $20.

TaoTronics Wireless Earphones

The sound on the TaoTronics model is provided by two sound drivers (think “left ear = bass and right ear = treble” and you’ll get the idea). This helps to deliver both better bass and better treble when listening to music through these ear buds. It’s not deafening sound, just a nice stereo that people like for just running on the treadmill in the gym. While the product description does warn to make sure you’re buying from an authorized dealer, this wireless set just works and it comes in two stylish color schemes to boot. The quality of sound is quite impressive for a set of wireless ear buds and the customer service is good about responding if you’re getting static or the battery life seems lousy. (Four hours seems to be about the standard for Bluetooth enabled ear buds but some people reported stretching that to five hours with this set.) The actual buds come in three sizes, which made them popular with people who have smaller ears. It has a built-in microphone that can deliver voice commands to a device that is enabled for that functionality. It does have some ambient sound cancellation capability, but that’s pretty much seen as a bonus in a set of ear buds.

GJT®BTH-600 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earphones

This set of ear buds with Bluetooth has a magnetic feature that makes it less likely that you’ll lose the buds. It has enough noise reduction capability to reduce outside distractions when you’re jogging or cycling through the neighborhood. This alone makes them pretty popular with people who have wished they could avoid certain sounds more discreetly and more cheaply than having to buy a huge Bose headset. You can easily switch between music and a phone call with the touch of a button. It fits well with ear buds in multiple sizes, sounds good, and operates well with easy pairing to your device. You start losing connectivity at a distance of about 12 feet from your device, but if you’re just using this while working out with your device in your pocket or in your car with your device in the drink holder, you aren’t going to care except for maybe one nifty tip: If you walk away from the treadmill and you start losing the signal before you leave the gym, you forgot the device. Charging seems to be the biggest challenge, but the short version is that if you can see a red light, it’s charging.

Amotus Wireless Sport Stereo Headset

Amotus might not be the best known brand for headsets but that just means you’re not paying for the brand name and you’re getting good quality for the money here. This set of ear buds can connect to two Bluetooth-enabled devices at any given time, making it convenient for busy employees who might expect a phone call from the boss while they’re on the treadmill. It’s more ergonomic than the headset that probably came with your iPhone. The ability to hook it over your ear might take some getting used to but makes it much less likely that the bud will fall out of your ear. These ear buds deliver on the sound — maybe not orchestra quality and definitely not a Bose, but it’s a good balance between the bass, midrange and treble. Use this pair on the fast trails when you’re cycling and you won’t notice any wind noise. The battery charge is excellent for a set of air buds at up to eight hours for just listening to music. It does come with a lifetime warranty, but I haven’t heard that anybody ever had to use it. They’re just that good.

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