Radio Delilah

Spend your evenings with Delilah! Delilah is the number-one radio personality working in the field today. Across the country, people spend their evenings listening to her stories and music. She devotes her show to her listener’s stories and dedications and can usually find a good song to match your story. You can find her online … [Read more…]

The Best Country Music Around

What do you think when people talk about country music? Brad Paisley? Well, he’s good and I like “A Whiskey Lullabye”, but he has nothing on names like George Jones, Patsy Cline and the Gatlin Brothers. Once you hear them, you’ll never forget them. They combine rich voices with songs that can break your heart, … [Read more…]

The Best of Hawaiian Music

Hawaii. To many, this is a dream vacation spot of beaches and ukuleles, the hula dance, and the best surf around. Hawaii is also home to many of the best and most underrated singers on the planet. Don’t believe me? Here’s a sampling! Israel Kamakawiwo’ole Also known as “Bruddah Iz,” Israel Kamakawiwo’ole mixes originals with … [Read more…]

The Best Of Doo-Wop

The 1950s and 1960s were two fun decades. Cars were stylish, the Space Race was on, and the music was fun. Who could forget fun doo-wop tunes like “Blue Moon” and “Get A Job?” Let’s bring back those old days with some of the best doo-wop and grooviest vocal groups of this era. Blue Moon … [Read more…]

Disney’s Greatest Hits

Do you remember the first time you heard “I Can Show You The World” from Aladdin? How about Beauty and the Beast’s “Be Our Guest?” If you’re like me, you love to listen to those songs over and over again. For your listening pleasure, I’ve collected a list of my favorites from several classic Disney … [Read more…]

Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman combines talented and beautiful women, an awesome orchestra, some familiar songs, and the best of Celtic music for a musical experience you won’t forget. Visit them at The Celtic Woman Website for tickets to one of their shows or just enjoy their music with their CDs, videos and music downloads. The Sky & … [Read more…]

The Best Of 1990s Music

The 1990s was a busy decade. Home computers were rapidly improving and the Internet was born. John Glenn returned to space on the Space Shuttle Discovery, the first Gulf War pushed Iraq out of Kuwait, and Atlanta, Georgia hosted the Summer Olympics in 1996. It was also a good decade for music with megastars including … [Read more…]

The Best Of 1980s Music

Remember Pac-Man when it first came out? How about the Atari games? This was a time when home computers were a new concept and you probably remember seeing the Challenger tragedy while sitting in a classroom. And who could forget music from Michael Jackson, Gloria Estefan and Bobby McFerrin? The 1980s were a big decade … [Read more…]