Disney’s Greatest Hits

Do you remember the first time you heard “I Can Show You The World” from Aladdin? How about Beauty and the Beast’s “Be Our Guest?” If you’re like me, you love to listen to those songs over and over again. For your listening pleasure, I’ve collected a list of my favorites from several classic Disney movies.

A Whole New World

An orphaned, street-wise young man finds a magic lamp and becomes a prince so he can woo Princess Jasmine. What could possibly go wrong? He finds out fast when he runs afoul of the Grand Vizier. These are some of the top songs from Aladdin.

Songs from Aladdin


Beauty and the Beast

A Beast must earn the love of strong-willed but beautiful Belle to become human again. Obstacles include his own bad temper and the “positively primeval” Gaston, who also fancies Belle.

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The Little Mermaid

What can you do when you have fins and the one you love has legs? Nobody understands, except Ariel’s friend Flounder. A deal with the Sea Witch gives her the chance to earn the Prince’s love, but can she earn that kiss before the sun sets on the third day?

Songs from “The Little Mermaid”



Hold on to your dreams because they may come true some day, even if you are forced to act as a servant girl by your own stepmother.

Songs from Cinderella


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Hiding from a jealous queen, Snow White stumbles across the hut of the Seven Dwarves. However, the dwarves can’t hide her forever.

Songs from “Snow White”


Once Upon A Dream

When a spell cast by an evil witch causes Sleeping Beauty to fall into a deep sleep, only her true love can wake her up with a kiss.

Songs from “Sleeping Beauty”



Pinocchio must learn lessons about temptation and selflessness to become a real boy.

Songs from “Pinocchio”


The Bare Necessities

Rejected by the wolf pack that raised him, Mowgli resists the idea of returning to the human village.

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Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

The Aristocats are set to inherit their mistress’ fortune, but a jealous butler has other ideas. Can they survive the streets and stop him?

More From The Aristocats



Not much is available from “Song of the South” here in America, but I wanted to include this one anyway because it is cool.

Why Should I Worry

More From Oliver and Company


God Help The Outcasts

Esmerelda sees that her people need help surviving in medieval France. Can it come from a divine source?

More from Hunchback of Notre Dame


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