CoinList Launches CoinList Trade, Closes $10 Million Funding Round Led by Polychain Capital, Jack Dorsey

This is a press release from CoinList.

Almost exactly two years ago, CoinList announced our launch, and our commitment to “provide… financial services so that token creators can focus on what they do best: building world-changing products.” Since then, we’ve done exactly that. We’ve worked with top projects to power their token sales and helped them drive towards their objectives of creating key pieces of the future of crypto:

  • A decentralized data store: Filecoin
  • A developer-friendly decentralized platform: Blockstack
  • A stable, fast, and scalable network: Algorand
  • Human-usable products to drive adoption: Origin
  • … and many others

Despite the public furor, the token sale market remains strong for the top projects. In fact, just last week, Nervos’ sale on CoinList closed at over $67MM. From the beginning, we’ve insisted on working with only the best projects, and we continue to see growth in our token sale business.

About a year ago, we launched CoinList Build and started helping projects with more than just token sales. We’ve collaborated with about a dozen teams to run hackathons, encouraging applications to get built on top of their networks. Nearly 2,500 developers have signed up, building more than 180 projects. A common theme arises with our prior work: we partner with projects solving key problems in crypto. With CoinList Build, this has included partners creating:

  • Decentralized trading and exchange: 0x
  • Privacy for on-chain applications: NuCypher
  • Powerful, competitive blockchain networks for applications: Ethereum, Tezos, Stellar, NEAR, and Oasis
  • Massive decentralized scalability: Coda
  • Real end-user applications and games: Cheeze Wizards / Dapper Labs
  • … and many others

But throughout these last two years, we’ve been building towards a second phase of our original financial services mission: trading.

Next Up: CoinList Trade

We’ve helped projects with token sales, but there’s a natural next step. Once these networks are live and the tokens liquid, end users need a trustworthy, reliable, compliant exchange to trade them on — and who better to provide that service than the company that ran the project’s initial sale of tokens?

So, with that, we’re excited to announce CoinList Trade: a cryptocurrency exchange for the most impactful token projects. You can sign up for our waiting list here.

We’re launching out of the gate with:

  • Trading available in 38 US states and many international jurisdictions (see our terms for eligibility details)
  • ACH and wire transfers so you can keep a US Dollar-denominated wallet
  • Trading pairs with BTC, ETH, ALGO, USDC, and USD — with more to come soon
  • Full integration with your existing CoinList account

We want token creators to focus on what they do best: building world-changing products. We’re here to help with everything else: token sales, trading, developer engagement, and more. 

And for you, the crypto enthusiast: if you’ve ever regretted missing out on a token sale on CoinList, CoinList Trade is your chance to get involved with these projects. We’ve built the best platform for quality primary token offerings, and now we’re letting you trade them, too.

To accomplish this, we’re also excited to share that we have closed a $10MM fundraising round, led by Polychain Capital. Polychain was an existing investor of ours, but we couldn’t be happier to partner more deeply with the leading venture fund in crypto. Our other existing investors also participated, and we added two more fantastic partners: Jack Dorsey and Collaborative Fund. 

Thank you for supporting CoinList. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow our product offerings and better support the projects that are creating the crypto future and the investors and users that are driving it. Onwards!