Influenster was good about sending me another box full of free samples. This time they called it the Frosty VoxBox and it included some items that were actually useful. My immediate impressions are:

  • My cat loves rubbing up against the EcoTools brush which doubled as a fur brush until he got his own. Must be the stiff bristles that are good for scratching itches that he can’t reach easily.
  • The Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane tea was delicious with just the right amount of mint flavor. Kinda needed a squirt of agave nectar to really bring out the flavor but most flavored teas do.
  • Fruit Vines Bites were delicious. Hit the spot on a long car trip from Illinois to Florida. It’s unfortunate that they’re just about impossible to find without a Google search.
  • The thyme from McCormick was convenient when we couldn’t find the one we already had in the middle of making a pot of soup. Nice timing Influenster!
  • Of course the makeup goes to my sister next time I see her. She’s more of a makeup person than I am and, being a U of I student, was thrilled with the orange nail polish from the last VoxBox. Dunno how well she’ll like black eyeliner though.

Anyway, I think this was one of Influenster’s better VoxBoxes. I got a new hairbrush out of the deal. The thyme and the Fruit Vine Bites were just good timing but still useful. I hope Influenster doesn’t mind the affiliate links. I know the point of sending those boxes is to sell the products involved. But it’s a good way to score samples if you like surprises and are willing to write a blog entry or two about what you get.