Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club Offers Tradable Blockchain Memberships

Developers of Blockchain applications advocate their usefulness for applications like pubic notaries, voting systems and trading of securities in a transparent yet secure way. The Legends Room Las Vegas is debuting a new use for Blockchain technology: tradable club memberships. Members of the exclusive gentlemen’s cabaret will be identified via ownership of digital tokens based on Blockchain technology.  Memberships are now on sale and a lifetime membership costs $4,500. Costly? Of course it is, but the benefit is that the token can be rented out or sold to a new owner if the token’s owner is willing to do so.

Members will enjoy 24-hour access through a private entrance, a reserved bar with a dedicated mixologist, a members-only menu, hidden conversation areas and ultra private rooms. The cost of the membership includes substantial credits for club services. Most interesting to dedicated Bitcoin users is the services that can be purchased by members of the Legends Room using Bitcoin: private aviation, luxury and exotic car rentals, rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel, car and limo service, and event tickets in Las Vegas.

In addition to enjoying benefits personally, members will also be able to rent or lease their memberships on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, either privately, through a mobile app, or through the club’s concierge. Members can also trade their membership  on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex.

“We look forward to providing our members with an experience that exceeds their expectations of both a gentlemen’s club and a members-only establishment. The Legends Room has changed Las Vegas,” said Nick Blomgren, an experienced Las Vegas entertainment executive who oversees the club.

Memberships and all club services may be purchased with either traditional forms of payment such as credit card and bank draft or may be purchased with digital currency such as Bitcoin.

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