Leading ICObench Expert Luca Cotta Joins BQT Crypto Exchange

Former Slack and Telegram app developer joins the first decentralized P2P crypto hedge trading platform. The top-ranked ICObench expert brings eight years of ICOdriving expertise and anti-scam knowledge to BQT.
BQT (an acronym for Better, Quick & Transparent) is proud to announce that Luca Cotta is now a member of its advisory board. As an expert on ICOs, blockchain and app-based technologies, Cotta has influenced numerous startups, which have achieved their financial targets. His superbot experience will prove invaluable to BQT, and he has successfully developed anti-scam systems for both Slack and Telegram.
As the first decentralized P2P crypto hedge trading platform, the BQT exchange allows direct negotiations between crypto traders for short-term hedging. It aims to challenge existing crypto trading models by empowering traders to leverage their crypto asset holdings through escrow.
Luca Cotta is a strategic adviser for ETHend, a Swiss-based technology company, founded in 2017 by Stani Kulechov. ETHend focus on empowering people through the development of decentralized and hybrid blockchain applications. He is also a highly respected app developer and provides analytical, legal, and technical insights to global investors. 
“I’m an ICOdriver and have been launching ICOs since the early 2010s, so I’ve been working with startups across the cryptocurrency market,” Cotta said. “BQT’s decentralized P2P crypto hedge trading platform inspires and matches my ambitions. I’ve helped many ICOs succeed in the past, my last one “ETHend” sold out in just 77 hours. So I want to bring my expertise and experience to this exciting new platform.”
“We are proud to welcome Luca Cotta to our advisory board. His strategic understanding of ICOs will bring great benefits to our team. Luca’s accurate insight and invaluable experience will help BQT and assist us in achieving our strategic goals.” — said BQT’s CEO, Edward W. Mandel.

About BQT

The BQT exchange provides a secure, interactive and flexible P2P trading environment to traders wanting to negotiate their crypto asset trades with one another. While many blockchain experts are trying to find new ways marry Crypto with Fiat, BQT wants to reduce dependency on traditional currencies altogether. 
The innovative platform was designed to be easy-to-use, especially for those new to trading, allowing each user to offer to buy or sell crypto assets directly with their peers.  
BQT plans to utilise its native token (BQTX) as the central coin of the platform. All fees are payable only with BQTX, and this is to ensure its liquidity and utilization. BQTX tokens can also be used as escrow collateral for some trades or as additional collateral in some cases.
A whitelist VIP beta version of BQT took place recently to critical acclaim from its users. Significantly, the platform raised USD 2 million in its first seed round, which will support its goal of building a crypto community from the shared experiences of its users.