VMS Software Selects Swirlds Hashgraph as Platform to Build Secure, Distributed Applications

Dallas, TX and Bolton, MA – February 8, 2018 VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) and Swirlds, creators of the hashgraph distributed consensus platform, today announced an agreement whereby VMS Software will use Swirlds’ hashgraph technology to allow customers to quickly and securely implement and operate next generation distributed applications.


VSI customers include the world’s most mission critical systems – stock exchanges, international banks, global retail chains, manufacturing, government systems, power plants, and transportation companies. The OpenVMS operating system kernel is considered one of the industry’s most secure. OpenVMS’ greatest strength, and the reason it is relied upon in many big enterprises, is its stability and unmatched uptime levels— measured in years. With the new partnership with Swirlds hashgraph, VSI customers will be able to implement and operate next-generation distributed applications that cost-effectively deliver the speed and security they require.


“We had been evaluating various blockchain technologies for a number of years, but struggled to find one that could meet the scalability and security needs of our clients, while also being easy to use,” said Duane Harris, CEO of VMS Software Inc. “Our clients’ applications perform tens of thousands of transactions per second, and require world-class scalability and security. Swirlds hashgraph is the only solution on the market today that can meet their needs, and we are thrilled to be leading the industry in operating system innovation through this partnership.”


“OpenVMS has a well-deserved reputation as the most rock-solid operating system around, with a standing record of 18 years without a reboot,” said Mance Harmon, Swirlds Founder and CEO. “We are extremely pleased to partner with them to help customers in critical infrastructure and other vital industries take advantage of distributed ledger technology at speed and scale. With this partnership, OpenVMS customers and partners will now easily be able to build distributed applications that can perform hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, across the globe.”


Swirlds hashgraph is fast, secure and fair. The hashgraph consensus algorithm, developed by Swirlds Co-Founder and CTO Leemon Baird, uses an entirely new protocol to enable distributed and decentralized communities to reach consensus in a fast and secure way. Further technical details can be found at the resources below:


About Swirlds

Swirlds is a platform to build and run shared worlds — fully distributed applications that harness the power of the cloud without servers.  Applications built on the Swirlds platform create trust in peer-to-peer networks without a central server, leveraging the hashgraph consensus algorithm to deliver high transaction throughput, low consensus latency, and fairness in transaction order. Rapidly gaining traction across a wide swath of categories from gaming to online collaboration to financial services, Swirlds is building the trust layer of the internet by enabling developers to create fair, fast and secure applications.   www.swirlds.com | @Swirlds.


About VMS Software

VMS Software, Inc. develops, sells, and supports innovative and advanced releases of OpenVMS, the most secure operating system on the planet. The company’s core motivation is to support and enable customers to run their mission-critical applications at the legendary uptime levels OpenVMS is known for, at maximum performance levels, today and into the future. VMS Software Inc. is headquartered in Bolton, MA. For more information, go to http://www.vmssoftware.com