Meet The Candidates — Part Two

So I’ve already posted a few interviews I did with Mars One candidates under the guise of “Meet The Candidates – Part One.” And Part One implies a Part Two, right? This took a little longer than I liked in between being massively busy at the end of December, lining up interviews, and dealing with … [Read more…]

Meet The Candidates — Part One (-ish).

I suppose it’s no secret by now that we’re all going to have our Mars One candidate interviews soon, not that I can go into a lot of details on an official basis. A lot of us have been talking about the interview process, not that there’s a ton of details officially being released by … [Read more…]

The Value of the Mars One Media Events

It’s no news by now that Mars One is going to fund its operations primarily with sponsorships and media events. Fairly early on, I might have been one of those who looked askance at the idea because of shows like “America’s Got Talent.” You know the ones that showcase truly terrible singers and then barely … [Read more…]

The Upcoming Mars Society Convention (2014)

If you’re a space travel enthusiast who regularly visits the relevant sites, you might have heard by now that the Mars Society is hosting its annual convention in Houston on August 7-10. This is going to be one of the interesting conventions, as things are actually beginning to get rolling on the Mars front, and … [Read more…]

Mars One and Me

I watch my sister fiddle with an expensive camera between complaints about the complexity of professional-level videographer’s gear. It’s a nuisance for her, I’m sure, and she wants to get a good grade in a college class in between working three jobs and figuring out how she’s going to get to New York City for … [Read more…]

Mars One Finalizes Media Deal

Mars One just announced this morning that they’ve finalized a deal with a production company called Endemol for a worldwide TV event that will start with the Round 2 interviews. I’ve never heard of Endemol, but apparently they’re the parent company of DSP, which is best known for producing award-winning theatrical documentaries like “Neil Armstrong: … [Read more…]

Who Are We?

Here’s a challenge. Before you read any farther, write down twenty unique answers to the question, “Who am I?” It gets tough after the first few, doesn’t it? However, the Mercury astronauts had to do exactly that when they were competing for only a few slots as America’s first spacemen. They found out quickly that … [Read more…]

Let’s Stir Up Some Competition

Does Mars One have a contract with one or more aerospace companies that can get the first Marstronauts to the Red Planet? I am hoping that, if they don’t, they are taking the time to choose the right one. It’s been more than forty years since somebody built a spacecraft that can take people out … [Read more…]

We Are The Aspiring Martians

After a certain amount of drama involving medical insurance, managing appointments with various specialists, and one missing piece of paper out of the stack of results that turned up at the doctor’s office later, I got the Mars One medical form turned in. I hate drama, really I do, even if it is a relief … [Read more…]

Good Luck, Shannon.

The above letter is pretty good for a seven-year-old, isn’t it? She is obviously very enthusiastic about the idea of going to Mars and I hope she won’t be too disappointed that she will have to wait. The truth is, I could see entire families traveling to Mars once we have everything we need to … [Read more…]