Mars One: The Reality Show

An artist's rendition of a Mars One Habitat Interior. Image credit SpaceHabs
An artist’s rendition of a Mars One Habitat Interior. Image credit SpaceHabs

Mars One is a non-profit organization with a plan to send the first colonists to Mars. Sound like science fiction? Well, these guys are serious. You’re going to see them on TV because they plan to build recognition and raise funds with a big media blitz. Viewers will get an inside track on the selection and training of the candidates. I’m not the sort who would apply for this kind of thing just to be on TV, though. When I heard about that part, I just thought, “Huh. I’m not too fond of being put under a microscope like that, but it is a good way to engage the general public.” It’s the same idea as the Life deal made by America’s early astronauts, a way to keep the media thing under control because getting targeted by paparazzi could get more than a little distracting otherwise.

What Will The Reality Show Be Like?

Image Credit SpaceHabs
Image Credit SpaceHabs

You’re probably thinking of every reality show you’ve ever seen right now. “Survivor”? Well, not quite. It won’t be people voting each other off the island. There are hints that the general public will have a say, so of course the candidates will have to show some kind of personality if they want to last long. However, most of the process of actually choosing suitable candidates will already have been done by the time the TV show hits the airwaves. “Big Brother?” Don’t even think about it. As Mars One Chief Executive Officer Bans Lansdorp put it, once the colony is in place and the Martians decide they don’t want Earthlings seeing what’s going on over on this side of the habitat, “they can put a piece of duct tape over the camera and we cannot do anything about it.”

Is it a reality show for astronauts, or a one-way trip to Mars with reality show attached? Good question. Indications are that the reality show is going to be purely a financial boost for the colony. As every major fan of space exploration knows, “No bucks, no Buck Rogers.” If the camera men get too close, I won’t be too surprised if one or another of the candidates pushes away the camera and tells them to point it somewhere else.

What about privacy? Preferably, there won’t be anything too voyeuristic. They won’t even go into the candidates’ bedrooms.

Come on…They’re looking for astronauts, not drama queens! A good point. The dumb thing about reality shows is that there’s always one or two women (or men…I’ve seen a few) who try to hog all the attention, wouldn’t you say? Because they are looking for people to colonize Mars, it’s a different premise and promises to be very different from most of the “Survivor” clones out there.

Can I Apply? Go for it if you think you have what it takes to be a Martian colonist. I hope you’re not camera-shy because you will have to make a one-minute video, basically showcasing why you would make a good pick for a one-way trip to Mars. Check out the videos made by people who have already applied and learn more about the application process on the Mars One Official Website.

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