Aletha AI Puts Synthetic Media on Blockchain

Deep fakes like these could be coming to a movie theater near you thanks to Aletha AI’s new marketplace.

Aletha AI has announced the launch of a decentralized marketplace for AI-generated synthetic media with a partnership with Oasis Labs to ensure smooth and secure transactions using Oasis Labs’ Parcel API. Synthetic media is most commonly known as “deep fakes” that realistically resemble well-known figures. For instance, Aletha AI recently ran successful viral media campaigns using deep fakes of Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

Master Changpent Zhao in Action

Users can create “deep fake” media using visual and voice data from real celebrities or generate a completely unique AI using Alethea AI’s proprietary API. It anticipates that its platform may become especially popular with talent agencies and entertainment industry leaders who want to create new content even when crises like the Covid-19 pandemic make it difficult to hire “in-person” talent. Arif Khan, CEO of Alethea AI, said:

“Synthetic media is a novel, creative, and attractive medium that does not require humans to physically interact, which is crucial during the pandemic as movie studios are unable to produce new content due to quarantine restrictions. … Our faces and voices are becoming fully portable, composable and tradable and we will enable users to exercise their creativity within legal and permissioned domains, creating an infinite number of use cases that enable human ingenuity and individuality to flourish.”

Aletha AI intends to carefully vet all creators of synthetic media through an open call for creators to avoid the anticipated pitfalls of the “deep fake” industry, including the unethical, potentially reputation-damaging use of unlicensed images of well-known entertainers, politicians, and industry leaders. It will add a requirement for all synthetic content to be clearly labeled.