BedJet Uses NASA Technology to Create Your Perfect Sleeping Temperature

In the realm of sleep comfort, Mark Aramli found himself waging a nightly battle over the thermostat with his partner. Determined to find a solution, Aramli, drawing on his experience at NASA contractor Hamilton Sundstrand, embarked on a mission to create a device that could regulate bed temperature without compromising comfort.

Having worked on spacesuit components at Hamilton Sundstrand for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Aramli pondered why he could ensure astronauts’ comfort in the harshest environments but struggled with his own sleep comfort. Frustrated by the thermostat dispute, he crafted a prototype using a broken hand dryer and various internet-sourced components.

In 2013, Aramli founded BedJet in Newport, Rhode Island, turning his prototype into a game-changing product. The BedJet system utilizes a cotton sheet that inflates with air, controlled by an external machine equipped with a fan and a built-in heater. The result is a temperature-regulating bed cover without internal electronics. With two BedJet units, users can control the temperature on each side of the bed independently, eliminating the need for thermostat disagreements.

Despite an initial setback on “Shark Tank,” BedJet gained traction through successful crowdfunding campaigns in 2015, reaching the market shortly after. Over 180,000 units have been sold, generating tens of millions of dollars in sales. The device caters not only to couples but also addresses the sleep comfort needs of various groups, including Olympic athletes, menopausal women, and individuals undergoing chemotherapy.

One key safety feature of BedJet lies in its design. By pushing air into a sheet without integrated heating elements, the product is considered safer than alternatives like electric blankets. Aramli attributes his NASA background to instilling a focus on safety and redundancy in the product’s engineering, making it a trustworthy and secure choice for consumers.

In seeking liability insurance, BedJet’s safety measures were commended by an inspector, emphasizing the triple redundancy in safety—an approach ingrained in Aramli’s experience with NASA prime contractors. BedJet’s success not only addresses personal comfort but showcases the positive impact that aerospace engineering expertise can have on everyday innovations.

This is for real and is already available through online retailers as one of many successful NASA spinoffs that make people’s everyday lives better. Today, BedJet’s can be found on Amazon. If you’re like Mark Aramli and struggle to find your perfect sleeping temperature, click on the image links below to see more options.