Bovill Launches Global Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Offering

CHICAGO – APRIL 23, 2018 – Bovill, the financial services regulatory consulting firm, announced today that it is formalizing its expertise, experience and innovative client service in cryptocurrencies and blockchain with the launch of its global Cryptocurrency/Blockchain offering.


“Cryptocurrencies and the technology supporting them are revolutionizing global finance,” said Ben Blackett-Ord, Chief Executive at Bovill.  “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are an emerging asset class with real challenges to achieving their full potential.  Chief among these is an unclear regulatory environment on a local, national, and international level.”


“Bovill has identified a growing demand to help firms take advantage of the cryptocurrency boom and we are delighted to be able to provide consulting services to investors, digital currency-related businesses, traders, and exchanges.  We also can advise on initial coin offerings (ICOs),” said Mr Blackett-Ord.  “As with any disruptive technology, cryptocurrency and blockchain present tremendous opportunities while raising legal, regulatory and business challenges. Bovill’s international reach matches that of the cryptocurrency and blockchain market, and we are well-positioned to respond to requests for assistance through our offices in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and North America.”


The Bovill Cryptocurrency/Blockchain team can offer the following services:


  • Analyzing global and country specific regulatory frameworks;
  • Determining whether a token is a security, or a platform is an exchange;
  • Registering your offering;
  • Developing regulatory policies and procedures including anti-money laundering (“AML”) and know your customer (“KYC”);
  • Evaluating data privacy and cybersecurity issues and solutions;
  • Advising on operational and trading aspects, including valuation, custodial relationships, and establishing trading arrangements with exchanges or alternative trading systems;
  • Identifying cryptocurrency benchmarks;
  • Conducting regulatory due diligence on investments; and
  • Risk analysis on cryptocurrency and blockchain-related investments.


Bovill brings depth of expertise and perspective to every client situation, drawing its consultants from diverse backgrounds including regulatory specialists, industry roles, ex-regulators, attorneys and others. Bovill’s Cryptocurrency/Blockchain team are as follows:


• Colin Darby, Managing Consultant, London

• James Falvey, Consultant, Chicago

• Gareth Parker, Consultant, London

• Tobias Sproehnle, Consultant, London

• Katie Pollock, Consultant, Chicago


Today’s announcement of the launch of Bovill’s Cryptocurrency/Blockchain offering coincides with the publication of the firm’s new brochure


About Bovill

Bovill is a specialist financial services regulatory consultancy, established in 1999 and headquartered in the UK with offices in London, Chicago, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our sole activity is the provision of high-quality, technically-focused advice and consultancy services on all aspects of financial services regulation.

We aim to develop effective solutions to the complex problems of our clients, and do not offer commoditised advice or services. Bovill has experts spanning all aspects of financial regulation in the UK, EU, Americas and Asia.