BQT Launches First P2P Exchange With Hedge Trading Capabilities

BQT Technologies, LTD (“BQT”) announced the launch of a P2P decentralized trading platform that will allow direct negotiations between crypto traders for short-term hedging.  BQT is the first decentralized P2P Crypto Hedge Trading Platform and Community where the Demand for an acquisition of Crypto Assets can be fulfilled with significant Supply and negotiated directly among Peer Traders.  The new venue will challenge existing crypto trading models, empowering traders to leverage their holdings of various crypto assets for a short-term period by means of escrow.

While many Blockchain experts are trying to find more ways to marry CRYPTO with FIAT, BQT’s concept is to reduce dependency on FIAT altogether. Every Crypto Asset has its value and can be used as a negotiating tool to acquire another Crypto Asset. The objective is to create a self-sustaining internal market and dynamic community, where the Demand for the acquisition of Crypto Assets is met with significant Supply of various Crypto asset holdings, negotiated and exchanged directly by Peer Traders.

The huge demand and interest from investors, financial institutions, and traders in crypto are enormous. According to the Cambridge Center, there is an unprecedented boom; the current number of unique active users of cryptocurrency wallets is estimated to be between 2.9 million since 2013 and up to 5.8 million today. As a result of the interest, in 2017 alone, 175 crypto-hedge funds were established to manage assets valued at $3.5-5 billion.

At the same time, the principle of basic exchange trading, buying, and selling according to supply and demand has repeatedly been hit as a result of the extremely volatile trading of cryptocurrencies. In addition, traders are constantly complaining about issues such as the difficulty of trading in a wide range of cryptocurrencies and receiving or withdrawing money from trading exchanges. All of these have created general insecurity in a trade to a certain extent and have not received full solutions so far.

BQT, which stands for “better, quick, and transparent”, has developed a platform that addresses these issues and offers to do so through a return to one of the principles that stood in the development of the crypto industry in the first place – the empowerment of people.  BQT’s unique technology and P2P Hedge Trading Platform is expected to simplify an industry dominated by large institutional Hedge Funds, effectively decentralizing it, making crypto hedge trading accessible.

Traders and syndicates can join the community. Hubs of similar financial instruments such as investment platforms, short-term trading platforms, binary options, Forex, even online betting operators can capitalize on their existing customer base by introducing them to crypto hedge trading via BQT.  The platform was designed in a way that makes it easy to use for those new to trading, and each user of the exchange will be able to open an offer to buy or sell crypto assets and conduct direct negotiations.

BQT plans to utilize its native token, BQTX, as the main coin for the platform. All fees are payable ONLY with BQTX tokens to ensure the liquidity and utilization for the tokens. The BQTX tokens can also be used as escrow collateral for some trades or added as additional collateral.

Edward W. Mandel, E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, co-founder, and CEO of BQT: “As the trade in cryptocurrencies progressed, the traders’ just demand for greater flexibility in creating transactions, as well as for interaction and information-sharing among traders, increased. We have set an objective to take advantage of the platform and build a community and culture of sharing and help, from experience accumulated by each participant in the system”.

BQT, which has already raised US$2 million in the seed round, is drawing the attention of crypto investors and traders.  The team is aware of the high expectations to make the necessary revolution in the cryptocurrency trading model and is planning to do so Better, Quicker, and Transparently.