ClearFoundation Announces 10 Billion Token Giveaway to Celebrate Independence Days Around the World

ClearFoundation’s daily CLEAR Token Community Bonanza Giveaway program offers all 7.7 billion humans an introduction to cryptocurrencies by highlighting ”Independence Days” across the globe.

Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand  — October 17, 2018 — New Zealand-based ClearFoundation today announced the start of its daily CLEAR Token Community Bonanza Giveaway, a program to give away more than 10 billion CLEAR Tokens beginning today and running through the coming months.

Open to all 7.7 billion of earth’s citizens, the CLEAR Token Community Bonanza Giveaway program was born out of the wish to highlight “Independence Days” all over the world and introduce people everywhere to the promise of future freedoms through the implementation and use of cryptocurrencies.

There are two steps to complete in order to participate in the CLEAR Token Community Bonanza Giveaway and receive CLEAR Tokens:

  1. Register for the CLEAR Token Community Bonanza Giveaway inside the ClearFoundation Portal, and

  2. Create a free digital wallet within the Portal.

Initially there will be many different methods for entering the ClearFoundation Community Bonanza Giveaway, several of which are free. Additionally, there are also several methods to directly earn free CLEAR Tokens without participating in the ClearFoundation Community Bonanza Giveaway. Please see this link for a full list of ways to get CLEAR Tokens and tickets for the ClearFoundation Community Bonanza Giveaway program.

People around the world will receive opportunities throughout the program to obtain tickets for the CLEAR Token Community Bonanza Giveaway. For a period of two weeks surrounding a particular country’s Independence Day (there are more than 160 countries listed in the program), a unique URL will be distributed on social media channels in that country promoting the opportunity to receive one free CLEAR Token ticket (with a limit of one ticket per person).

On each day of the CLEAR Token Community Bonanza Giveaway, that day’s CLEAR Token allotment will be distributed evenly to that day’s total CLEAR Token ticket entrants who have chosen to use a ticket that day. For example, if 10,000 individuals elect to use a ticket on a day with 2 million CLEAR Tokens allocated, each ticket holder will automatically receive 200 CLEAR Tokens into their respective digital token wallets registered with ClearFoundation.

Conversely, on the respective “Independence Days” of over 160 days countries around the globe, the total number of CLEAR Tokens distributed that day will equal that country’s total population. For example, nearly 16 million CLEAR Tokens will be distributed on October 24, 2018 to line up with Zambia’s Independence Day.

CLEAR Token tickets may be used on any day during the CLEAR Token Community Bonanza Giveaway at the user’s discretion. Multiple tickets can be used on the same day if desired.

“Some of the benefits provided by the Blockchain and cryptocurrency include greater freedom, independence and privacy for every person on the planet,” said Michael Proper, ClearFoundation Chairman. “We believe that digital currencies are a path away from government control over fiat currencies that can be manipulated to the benefit of the few instead of the many. This is why we have created a program to help the world’s people to receive free CLEAR Tokens and why we are tying the CLEAR Token Community Bonanza Giveaway to Independence Days across the globe.”

Sign up at for a free ClearFoundation Portal account to learn more about the CLEAR Token Community Bonanza Giveaway program details.

{NOTE: ClearFoundation may add or modify ways to earn CLEAR Token tickets in the future and will update the Terms and Conditions on the ClearFoundation site as needed. A full list of countries and their respective CLEAR Token Community Bonanza Giveaway dates is also available in the same Terms and Conditions document.}

About ClearFoundation

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