Cynamics High Network Visibility Offering to Slash Government IT and Cybersecurity Costs by 90%

Smart Cities and Government Entities Will Save Millions with Firm’s Innovative, Cost-Effective Network Visibility Solution

Cynamics, an Israeli USA-based Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics (NPMD) company, has launched a new holistic approach to network security that grants smart cities and governments unprecedented network visibility and improved prediction of attacks, all at a fraction of the cost of prevailing solutions.

Cynamics’ proprietary artificial intelligence-based algorithms comb through traffic patterns, looking for anomalies that signal an imminent attack. The SaaS solution requires no appliance, network modifications, or agent installation. A minimum viable product (MVP) can be demonstrated starting October 2019.

“The Cynamics solution can be seamlessly integrated, enhancing security and coverage,” says Eyal Elyashiv, Cynamics CEO. “The Cynamics solution provides 100% network visibility from adaptive-sampling of 1% of the traffic while legacy solutions need to monitor 100% of the traffic. Governments no longer need to compromise as the Cynamics solution can easily scale up, future-proof to cope with new streams, all at a fraction of current costs.”

Cynamics, which started R&D well over a year ago, was founded by Eyal Elyashiv, a seasoned entrepreneur with vast experience in the US local governments and municipalities sector as the COO of Carbyne 911 and Dr. Aviv Yehezkel, a senior AI and Machine-Learning researcher and team leader at NICE systems, and ex-research captain in the Israel Defense Force’s Naval Intelligence and legendary 8200 unit.

Working intensively with public safety agencies and city services, Eyal was exposed to the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure networks. His innovative idea met Aviv’s outstanding technical knowledge, and together they designed a new holistic approach to network visibility and cybersecurity with second-to-none benefits in terms of scalability, integration efforts, and cost-effectiveness.

Dr. Aviv Yehezkel, who earned his Ph.D. from the Technion at the age of 24 (youngest faculty ever) and serves as company CTO states “Legacy solutions require thousands of appliances, and only get partial visibility. They put a huge strain on government budgets, and are only going to increase in costs as smart cities become more connected. The strength of our solution is that we have introduced an innovative, more affordable solution that covers detection through prediction.”

To date, Cynamics has raised millions of dollars in pre-seed funding, and the company has been evaluated at $10 million. Professor Eli Upfal, Deputy Director of the Data Science Initiative at Brown University, and former Executive Director of Technology for the Israel National Cyber Security Authority, Dr. David Primor, sits on the company’s advisory board.  

About Cynamics Cynamics protects smart cities, municipalities, and critical infrastructure providers with a network visibility tool capable of monitoring the network components, identifying performance optimization opportunities, and predicting cyberattacks. It uses proprietary machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide 100% network visibility from adaptive-sampling of as little as 1% of the network’s traffic data. The company was launched in 2019 by co-founders Eyal Elyashiv and Dr. Aviv Yehezkel.