Software Company PractiTest Claims Software Crash That Interfered With COVID Vaccinations Could Have Been Prevented

Vaccination software failures in MA, PA, ID, MD, and CA could have been prevented with the new update from PractiTest’s software testing management tools

PractiTest, the leader in testing management solutions, announced that its newly-released testing automation management solution update could be used to prevent software crashes similar to the one experienced in Massachusetts when it opened up COVID-19 vaccination appointments to Priority Group 2 Phase 2 residents. 

PrepMod, the software developer behind Massachusetts’ online appointment booking system, experienced a software crash when the system saw high traffic volumes. The incident was the latest in a series of software misfortunes for PrepMod, spanning across the country. The company had previously experienced issues in incidents across Pennsylvania, Idaho, Maryland, and California.

“Had PrepMod used our testing management tools, its decision-makers could have had the data they needed to determine whether their release was ready,” said Yaniv Iny, CEO at PractiTest. “The PractiTest platform was designed to help companies like them deliver reliable software products to the market.”

The updated PractiTest offering is the only Application Lifecycle Management tool on the market today that combines the management of scripted, exploratory, and automated testing in one place, as well as capture both manual and automated testing in one place. The product enables R&D teams and managers to see a release’s full quality profile, benchmarking the current release to previous versions and pointing at the areas that may require improvements before releasing them to the field. 

Agile and DevOps development coupled with an accelerated digital transformation has created an environment where decisions on feature releases need to be made on a daily basis. However, R&D employees and their managers lack a uniform tool or methodology to review all the manual and automate testing data. Developers test their software as it’s developed, and test results are often scattered on laptops across the organization.

As a result of PractiTest’s new functionality, organizations can capture tests from traditional testing as well as those performed by developers and DevOps teams, eliminating duplication. Using the PractiTest platform, technical and business decision-makers have the information they need to determine whether a product or feature is ready for full release or requires additional development.

PractiTest’s testing repository delivers real value to businesses by collecting automated and manual testing data from across the company. The unified dashboard helps sync processes and shields against the siloed data that can lead to blind spots. As a result, decision-makers have a comprehensive view of all testing activities, leading to meaningful insights, improved quality of software releases, and faster time to market once development has been completed.

“PractiTest’s clear and organized dashboards gave us an overview across all development projects, providing us with real-time insights into our development,” said Miroslav Ježek, Senior Test Automation Architect at Unicorn Systems who beta tested the system. “The platform’s traceability matrix provided real tracking data, while its two-way integration with JIRA enabled improved sharing with team members.”

The platform offers several unique features. Data enters the system either manually or through APIs. Once in the platform, the data is viewed using Flexible Smart Filters rather than folders, allowing it to be easily accessed by anyone using the system. This unique data approach also allows R&D testers and managers to view results for each different type of test, such as a view of all regression tests. As a result, the system improves organizational visibility into software readiness.