White Magic Poster
You like fantasy. You just want something other than the glittery vampires of “Twilight” and the newfangled wizardry of “Harry Potter.” I’m with you. It’s not easy to find fantasy imagery that isn’t getting drowned out by major studios. That’s what makes Zazzle different. It features a lot of unique fantasy products from people just like you who have artistic talent. You might even try your hand at creating your own and see what happens when it gets discovered by like-minded fantasy fans (Your results may vary.) Need an example? Just check out some of the fantasy products below by clicking on the pictures for details.

(Image credit Zazzle)

What Is Zazzle, Anyway?

That’s usually one of the first questions I get. Essentially, Zazzle makes use of Print On Demand technology to create unique, made-to-order items like T-shirts, posters, calendars, and that iPhone case you’ve always wanted but could never find in the usual places. Most products feature customizable options so you can add names, dates and all the relevant information to wedding invitations, birthday cards and other cool stuff.

Tiger Pixie Art

She likes cats, can you tell?

Captain Leo, Pirate Cat & Rat Fantasy Art Mousepad Bubble Fairy Kitten Fantasy Cat Art Necklace

Sunrise Swim Sea Dragon Mermaid Cat Fine Art Mug Bast Goddess Egyptian Bastet Cat Art Gift Box


Some of the best unicorn art on Zazzle.

Unicorn Of The Butterflies Art Mural/Print Where Unicorn's Dream Art Poster/Print

Unicorns Of The Sea Art Poster/Print Once Upon A Springtime Art Poster/Print











A good fairy collection

Fairface Fairy Poster Fitzgerald Fairy Banquet Posters

Rheam 1903 The Fairy Woods Posters Blustering March Posters


Just what it says. It’s all about dragons.

Red Dragon Postcard Blue Dragon Postcard

Bronze Dragon Postcard Black Dragon Post Cards


Obviously just getting started on Zazzle, but has some cool art.

MIRAGE POSTERS Coyote Dream Print