this lens' photoLet’s face it, being a geek is somewhere between just plain cool and just plain nerdy. You’re the one who can stare at code for hours, usually while the cheerleaders snicker behind your back, and then show all your friends this new Android game you just created. Then you’re the cool one who is making extra spending cash from Google Play while those cheerleaders wonder what they have to do to get on your good side. Before you challenge them to a Hack-A-Thon, you might want to consider that you’re the one with the brains and it really wouldn’t be a fair contest. You can show off your essential geekiness with these shirts.

Zazzle is the place to show off your inner geek!

  • Zazzle uses the latest in Print-on-Demand technology to create your T-shirt.
  • Choose from a wide selection of shirts.
  • Or you can design your own to show off your own unique brand of geekiness.
  • You can also show off your best geek designs in your own Zazzle store and earn a percentage of sales.
  • Give it a try; it is a lot of fun.

Geek Humor

Stop following me shirt
Stop following me by megedsh
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Science Retro Funny Tee
Science Retro Funny Tee by kaptainmyke
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Thinking...... shirt
Thinking…… by kool27
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betterliving shirt
betterliving by crazyswing
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8-bit Geek Humorous Nerd shirt
8-bit Geek Humorous Nerd by BoogieMonst
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eat sleep code (html) shirt
eat sleep code (html) by geekme
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Outside Graphics shirt
Outside Graphics by reflections06
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ID10T thanks shirt
ID10T thanks by henryguerrero
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Geek Power

Nerdy Super Hero shirt
Nerdy Super Hero by pterandon
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Geek Power shirt
Geek Power by GawkWear
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Power Button shirt
Power Button by InTheZone
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Code Ninja T Shirt shirt
Code Ninja T Shirt by permabannedclothing
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Classic gaming for classic geeks! shirt by Atari
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AGH Shirt Contest Winner shirt
AGH Shirt Contest Winner by Atari
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AGH1 Contest Runner Up A shirt
AGH1 Contest Runner Up A by Atari
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AGH1 Contest Runner Up B shirt
AGH1 Contest Runner Up B by Atari
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Atari Crystal Castles Bentley Bear shirt
Atari Crystal Castles Bentley Bear by Atari
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Atari Force Red shirt
Atari Force Red by Atari
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Atari Liberator shirt
Atari Liberator by Atari
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Atari Warlords shirt
Atari Warlords by Atari
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Geeks 4ever

magic wand shirt
magic wand by tricksterdesigns
physics - it's the sudden deceleration that kills shirt
physics – it’s the sudden deceleration that kills by strk3
What Part Of...Don't You Understand? shirt
What Part Of…Don’t You Understand? by theshockwave
Like Hand shirt
Like Hand by ArgosDesigns