How To Make Back-To-School Shopping Fun

Image credit: Discovery Education
Image credit: Discovery Education

You’ve got the list of items your children will need for the upcoming school year. Now it’s time to hit the Back To School sales, right? Well, if you do it right, the sales won’t be the highlight of the Back-To-School season. You can do this one of two ways. You can either drag cranky, whiny children along to all the stores while you develop a headache and everybody stares at you like you’re a terrible parent for letting your kids act like brats, or you can find ways to make your expedition a positive experience for both them and you. Here’s a few tips on making Back-To-School shopping fun.

While You’re At It…

You can save some hassle by making sure your children’s lockers are organized from the outset.

Some Tips For Getting Your Kids Involved

  • Let them help you pick out supplies. Maybe they like that folder with the unicorn picture better than the plain monotone one. Since you’re buying the supplies anyway, why not let them have some input on what they show up in the classroom with? Who knows, they could actually have the coolest folder in class.
  • Pay attention when they complain that the shirt is too tight or too itchy. Maybe it’s cute, but your child will fight you about wearing it if they don’t feel comfortable in their new outfit. If their complaint has to do with it being itchy, check the tag to see what fabric is being used. Some children have very sensitive skin that won’t react well to certain types of fabric. If it’s too tight, just try the next size up. You’ll fare better if you don’t get too emotionally attached to any particular article of clothing. Remember that, if you do buy it, it’ll get soiled, stained and otherwise abused by energetic young children anyway, so it’ll just be their old weekend and outdoors shirt soon enough.
  • Let them have that “good-luck” eraser. Confidence is a big part of getting good grades in school. If they think that cat-shaped eraser will bring them good luck, maybe it’ll translate into them getting more correct answers on their homework.
  • Don’t pay too much attention to designer brands. You’re basically paying for the logo. The big designer brands don’t necessarily care about quality. You can save some money and get something just as good, if not better, for a cheaper price by shopping around and comparing products a little bit.
  • Look for “Made In America” tags. Products made in America have better quality control standards, fewer worries about mercury levels and help our economy.
  • Get a snack when it’s over. You’ve gotten all the supplies you need and now you want to reward both yourself and your children for a job well done. A snow cone and some nachos at the store’s snack stand or an ice cream cone at your local ice cream place is a positive way to end your shopping trip.

No Need To Dread Back-To-School Every Year

Image credit Bellevue High School
Image credit Bellevue High School

The usual suspects in the brick-and-mortar world will stock the basics of what you’ll need to go back to school, or you can check out prices online. It makes sense to shop around to find the best deals with a few clicks of your mouse if you’d rather not go through your children knocking over a display stand again. If your children are pretty well behaved, you can make back-to-school shopping fun for both you and them. It just takes a little planning to get them involved and make it a positive experience.

Pick Up Your Back-To-School Supplies with eBay

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