Mark Hamill Signs Limited Number of Star Wars Posters to Support Ukraine

Two Ukrainians work with a drone prototype.

Mark Hamill announced that he signed a limited number of Star Wars posters to support Ukraine’s defense efforts against the Russian invasion. The funds raised through sale or raffle of the posters will be donated to United24.

United24 is an initiative set up by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to process donations to Ukraine’s defense, with the money going to authorized accounts at the National Bank of Ukraine. Besides funding defense efforts, donations are used for medical aid and rebuilding Ukrainian regions impacted by the Russian invasion.

It has received over $279.89 million in donations, which it says will be divided among Ukrainian ministries to cover the most pressing needs. Donations have been used to buy equipment for its troops and medical centers. Ukraine is also using some of the money to rebuild damaged medical facilities. Initiatives to rebuild damaged Ukrainian infrastructure might not begin until the war is over.

The details of the sale or raffle of the posters are still being arranged. Hamill suggested that “hundreds and thousands of people” might be interested in entering a competition or bidding in an auction, especially if they were “hardcore collectors.”

Hamill has already been involved in Ukrainian efforts as an ambassador for the “Army of Drones” program. This program focuses on acquiring, maintaining, and training troops on the use of drones, which can remotely provide intelligence by flying over areas of interest.

When Hamill joined the program in September, Zelenskyy referenced Star Wars in referring to Russia as an “empire of evil.” The band Imagine Dragons and singer/actor Barbra Streisand also joined as ambassadors.

“The light will win over darkness. I believe in this, our people believe in this,” Zelenskyy said during a video call with Hamill.

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