Melon Sci-Fi Conference to Discuss Digital Disruption and Opportunities in Science Fiction

“Digital Disruption and Opportunities in Science Fiction” is this year’s set theme for the Melon Sci-Fi Conference, which brings together science fiction authors and industry professionals to discuss hot topics that impact the science fiction genre as a whole. Of special interest is new technologies and publication practices that could disrupt the media outlets that are most often associated with science fiction. The event will take place on April 19 and 20 in Hong Kong.

Andy Tian, CEO of live-video broadcasting platform UpLive, said of the event, “Every genre within the media industry continues to be ripe for disruption, including the world of science fiction. We’re looking forward to joining the Melon Conference to discuss the key digital trends that are fundamentally changing science fiction publishing, filmmaking, TV and game development.”

The event will include an Industry Day on April 19, in which speakers will address topics such as digital trends and new business models that affect the science fiction industry. Topics of special interest to science fiction authors and creators include financing, deal-making and distribution of their work in an industry that is rapidly changing and becoming more digital. As Entertainment and media industry lawyer Philip Qu noted:

“Securing financing and distribution, and frankly, simply getting deals done in an ever-changing, digitally disrupted environment requires us to think and carefully discuss many of the issues of the day. Melon is a welcome addition to the science fiction industry as we contemplate and wrestle with the issues.”

Speakers will include award winning authors such as Charlie Jane Anders, Regina Kanyu Wang, and Xia Jia. Publishing industry professionals such as Andrew Sharkey of Lucasfilm’s Singapore division, UpLive CEO Andy Tian, and Jo Lusby, Managing Director of Penguin Random House, will also speak on a variety of topics that impact the publishing and media industries.

April 20 is designated as a Fans Day that will include panel discussions by top regional science fiction authors. Both days will include a special performance. The schedule for both days and details of interest to attendees can be found on Melon Sci-Fi’s official website.

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