puppyWhat could possibly be cuter than a day to celebrate puppies? On March 23, you can do exactly that with National Puppy Day. You know they’ll love you and you can love them back any day of the year. So be sure to give any puppy you might meet a big hug and maybe a treat or two, start training right away if you decide to get a cute little puppy of your own, and you’ll get a lot of tail-wagging fun in return.

These Puppies are Adorable!

Remembering Puppies on National Puppy Day

As a puppy lover myself, I would like for every puppy to have a loving home. But I know that’s not always the case. So here’s some ways to help puppies in need.

  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Animal shelters have lots of puppies, kittens, and adult dogs and cats. In a lot of cases, they could also use some extra help around the shelter. You might even find an adorable puppy that you just have to take home with you.
  • Support reputable dog breeders. If you’ve been thinking about adding an adorable puppy to your family, be sure to look up some reputable breeders. A good breeder will likely be a member of the American Kennel Club and be able to answer your questions about their puppies.
  • Contact your representatives expressing your support for regulating puppy mills. Many pet store puppies come from puppy mills, have likely been weaned too early and may have untreated health problems. The parent dogs are often kept in cages that are way too small and are sometimes even neglected and abused. Find out how you can contact your representatives in the House of Representatives and Senate to express your support of passing and enforcing stricter standards for puppy mills.
  • Play with your puppies. Puppies are a lot like human children and love to be played with. With a few dog toys, you can teach him to play fetch and tug of war. Puppies can also improvise toys if you can’t afford the offerings at the pet store. Just give them a small cardboard box and see what they do with it. You might even get a few fun Youtube videos out of it. 🙂

Taking Care Of Puppy 

  • Do your research before choosing your puppy. The number one reason pets get abandoned is that people didn’t do their research before getting one and find out that they can’t handle it. Some breeds might need special care, and of course you should learn how to dog proof your house if he’s going to be an indoor dog.
  • Learn about dog training. You should start training as soon as you get your puppy home. Basic commands include Sit, Stay, and also “Leave it” for when you want them to stop a behavior. Don’t stop training when you take them out for a walk or let them outside because pet owners can get into trouble if their pets become a nuisance.
  • Keep up with their shots. Don’t procrastinate, because your new puppy’s immune system is still developing and immunizations are very important for keeping your pet healthy. Some are also required by local animal regulations.
  • Make sure you have time for your new puppy. Dogs are social animals and can develop depression and behavior problems if they are home alone all day. They have also been known to get into trouble and make a huge mess out of your home out of pure boredom. If you don’t have time to play with and train your puppy, make the time or consider getting a low-maintenance pet.

Happy National Puppy Day!

If you’re a dog person, you probably won’t let the responsibilities that go along with owning a puppy stop you from getting one, or maybe two or three. I know for sure I didn’t and now I have a Golden retriever who always wants to give me kisses whenever she sees me. She can be kind of dumb sometimes but I still love her, LOL. So go ahead and celebrate National Puppy Day with your favorite furry friends.

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