(image credit: Sharenator)

Your pets crack you up. They get into the strangest predicaments or just get this funny look on their face when you catch them at something. There ought to be a TV show for this. Luckily for those of us who don’t watch much TV, there’s always Youtube. So keep your cameras handy, because you might catch the next viral video of your dog, cat, rabbit or snake doing something hilarious.

Cat Caught Barking

Watch his reaction when he sees the video camera…

Cookie the Ticklish Penguin

A cute little penguin has a little problem: He’s ticklish. Watch what happens when his keeper pets him.

Pygmy Goat Stampede!

See what happens when they come back and see the dog.

Funny Big Cat Sounds

The cats at Big Cat Rescue are very vocal. Like what you see? Next time you’re in Florida, stop by for a tour!

Mini Pig Takes The Stairs

Stray Goat Gives Police The Runaround

Denver The Guilty Dog

Snake On Car

Does anyone think that the snake might be equally freaked out?

Kitten Wrestles Bunny

Who’s tougher, a kitten or a bunny?

Crocodile Turns Orange

Foxes Jump On A Trampoline

Boy Races Otter

Urban Goat

A goat loves New York City and thinks nothing of riding on the subway.

“Simon” Teaches Puppy To Walk Down Stairs

This little guy just needs a little help getting started.

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