Legos for the Serious Science Fiction Fan

Legos? If you’re a major fan of the good stuff, you’re probably aren’t going to ever think about Legos unless you can build a life-sized model of the Millennium Falcon out of them. However, that many Lego bricks will take a lot of money. Unless you have enough credit to pay off Jabba the Hutt and have enough left over to buy decent housing on Coruscant, you might have to settle for something less mentally intense. You just don’t want to buy any old thing. So here’s a few of my favorite Lego kits:

The Death Star

The Death Star

This kit includes 24 figurines and droids and enough movable parts to make your playtime much more realistic while you spend countless hours rescuing Princess Leia or play through as many scenarios as you want to. No worries if this Death Star gets blown up — just rebuild it for more fun! It’s also bigger than some Star Wars fans expected, so make sure you have plenty of space for this version. It also takes a while to build, but only because it’s so complex and it’s surprisingly easy to put together for such a detailed kit.

Space Center


Your favorite science fiction is just plain cool, man, but sometimes you want to bring things a little closer to Earth. With this kit, you can bring a little of NASA’s space program to your Lego collection with 2 astronauts, an operator and a mechanic along with all the parts you need to put together your own space complex. Like most Lego kits, this set is a fun way to share your enthusiasm for the “ground floor” of space exploration and looks very similar to animated renditions of the Constellation rocket I’ve seen. When your young relatives come over for a visit, you might like to keep an eye on things but it makes a good way to show off your knowledge of NASA and the space program.

The Tower of Orthanc


Battle the forces of Saruman in his own den with one of the Great Eagles, an Ent, and figurines like Saruman, Grima Wormtongue, Gandalf, an Uruk-Hai and an Ork Pitmaster. This Lego kit is HUGE when you finally get it built and the Ent is one of the favorite elements along with all of the “Easter eggs” you get like the staffs of the three missing wizards. Building the tower can get a little repetitive, but it’s a good lesson in patience and the detail is impressive.

But, seriously, Lego seems to have retired many of their truly awesome kits. These things are collectible, so be sure to check out the ones below for all the awesomeness you want out of those little interconnecting blocks.

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