My Ten Favorite Eternity Rings

Because I am going to Mars, I have no intention of ever needing a wedding ring. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t sympathize with the need to find the perfect pair of rings. You could easily spend several hundred or even a couple of thousand dollars on two matching rings and you want something that’s totally your style without ever worrying about whether your fiancé is going to like it. My favorite advice for buying wedding rings? Make sure you do the shopping with your fiancé because the perfect ring isn’t about the size of the diamonds. It’s about finding rings that you can both agree on. You can consider the shopping experience to be good practice for marriage if you want. You’re talking it out, you’re crossing a few off your list because your fiancé thinks white gold is prettier than yellow (or maybe the other way around), and you’ll be happy with the result once you find something that works for both of you. In the meantime, here’s ten eternity rings that could look good on your finger and come in at less than $1000 apiece on Pompeii3.

.50CT Bezel Diamond Eternity Wedding 14K White Gold New Ring


With eight diamonds totaling .50CT scattered in this 5mm-wide band of polished 14K white gold, this eternity ring impresses without overwhelming your finger or breaking your budget.

1.25CT Black Diamond Channel Set Eternity Ring


Gorgeous black diamonds totalling 1.25 carats set in 14K rose gold are what make this particular ring uniquely eye-catching in the world of wedding bands.

1.00CT Prong Diamond Eternity Ring


Diamonds are very much the emphasis on this wedding band with 30 diamonds totalling 1.00 carats set into 14K white gold.

1.50CT Prong Diamond Eternity Ring


This ring is not shy about showing off the contrasting colors of 14K yellow gold and 1.5 carats of blue diamonds. At 2.7mm wide, it’s just thin enough to look elegant on your hand without overwhelming it.

1.10CT Pave Diamond Eternity Ring


With an impressive 102 diamonds totalling 1.1 carats in 14K white gold, this ring is designed to impress any admirer of a diamond ring.

1.50CT Diamond & Sapphire Eternity Ring


The contrast of diamonds and sapphires is really what makes this ring stand out from the pack with impressively sized stones totalling 1.5 carats and 14K white gold.

1.50CT Diamond Eternity Ring


Billed as an anniversary ring, this option features two rows of diamonds that total 1.5 carats and 14K white gold for a ring that looks bold on your finger.

3/4CT Diamond Stackable Wedding Ring


It’s pretty rare to see a ring described as being “stackable” and there are probably very few jewellers who could do it with a straight face, but this ring somehow manages to pull it off. The design is certainly eye-catching with 14K yellow gold and 3/4 carats of diamonds.

1.00CT Channel Set Diamond Eternity Ring


This classy-looking 14K yellow gold ring features a total of 1 full carat of diamonds embedded in a channel row.

3.50CT Black Diamond Black Gold Eternity Stackable Ring


I’m sure a lot of the people who want something that looks radically different but still crave the big stones are going to wonder why I saved the best for last. This is a whopping 3.5 carats of bold black diamonds set into 14K black gold for a different kind of wedding ring that will never fail to impress when you show it off.

But of course maybe you’re just not that into gemstones. I totally get that. They are very high priced. So you might also browse the below selections on eBay for the best of the best in wedding bands that don’t have a single gemstone in sight. Good luck with your search, and maybe when I’m on Mars, you can send me a picture of the nifty wedding band you ended up buying.

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