PandaHall — Your Source for Wholesale Crafting Supplies

PandaHall is one of the top wholesalers for buying beads and supplies for making your own jewelry in bulk. As a wholesaler, they obviously do most of their business with retailers that specialize in crafts and inexpensive custom jewelry, but they also have special deals for people who are just looking for something genuinely unique that they can’t seem to find in local stores or want to host a party in which guests can create their own custom jewelry. Here’s a few of the items you can make with the supplies found at PandaHall:

How to Bead a Purple Pearl Lace Necklace for Brides

How to Make Beaded Spiral Pearl Jewelry Set

How to Make Daisy Chain Bracelets in 3 Different Ways

Of course, the sky’s the limit when you have the right supplies and some imagination. Here’s a few of my favorite items at PandaHall:

Rock Climbing Ropes

Rock climbing might be your favorite sport, but you might have heard stories about people who were seriously injured because their rope gave out on them. That means you should replace it on a semi-regular basis and PandaHall is one place where you can get inexpensive rock climbing ropes.

Brass Lobster Claw Clasps

This is one of PandaHall’s best-selling products for its ability to act as a focal point for a craft or become a clever part of an intricate design and they come in packages of 200 clasps each.

Brass Crimp Beads

This is a favorite item for retailers that encourage customers to string their own jewelry and can really go through a lot of small beads in a week. People really seem to have fun stringing their own necklaces with beads of a variety of metallic colors.

Steel Wire Necklace Chord

These 17.5” necklace chords give custom jewelry enthusiasts a way to string beads for their own unique necklaces. These are available in 100-strand bundles that make bulk orders easy.

Alloy Rhinestone European Beads

These European-style rhinestone beads are a best-seller for their ability to add a splashy look to customized necklaces. You get 100 assorted beads per package to give your guests or customers a variety to choose from for their necklaces.

Assorted Coconut Buttons

These assorted buttons are made using coconut shell and makes a favorite addition to popular crafts like sweatshirt design and unique clasps for bags.

Handmade Lampwork Beads

Be sure to check out the customer images to see some of the unique things that people are really doing with lampwork beads like these. Lampwork beads seem to inspire creativity from serious crafters.

Natural Sodalite Beads

Natural sodalite stones have not been created in any laboratory, so each stone has its own unique character and makes a nice addition to your crafting when you’ve wanted to add real gemstones to your crafting but can’t afford expensive blue diamonds.

Assorted Charm Pendants

Loaded with favorite charms like horseshoes, hearts and flowers, this assorted charm packages makes a nice selection for people who have always wanted a customized charm necklace or bracelet.

Handmade Flower Costume Accessory

This flower costume accessory makes a nice highlight for those times when you just need that one highlight to turn a fairly standard costume into one that stands out for its unique design.

These are just a few of the many items you can find at PandaHall, where you can find a wide assortment of crafting supplies when you want to buy directly from a wholesaler to save on bulk supplies.