Ten Chandeliers That Aren’t Boring

What do you think of when you picture a chandelier? If you have a mental image of ones like you see in the ballroom scene of “Beauty and the Beast,” I don’t blame you. They can get pretty boring for those of us who aren’t aware of the kind of variety you can get in a chandelier lineup these days. If you’re going to buy one anyway, you want one that can actually stand out for being new and different. The one you’re looking for to complete your totally unique decorating preferences might even be one of these ten.

21 Lights Dark Red Fabric Shade Antiqued Brass Chandelier


Impressive isn’t it? This selection will not disappoint the most discerning admirers of a classically styled chandelier. 21 lamp-style lights, brass fixtures and fabric shade material adorn this heavyweight (30 Kg) selection for a look that is worth every penny of its price tag.

6 Lights Dark Red Fabric Shade Brass and Marble Chandelier


If you prefer one that’s not quite as striking as the above selection, this elegant chandelier features six of the same lamp style lights with brass and crystal fixtures. It works well for that elegant decoration scheme you have going.

6 Lights Sculptured Resin Deer Chandelier


If you’re looking for one where the fact that it’s a source of light is almost a bonus, though, this is where things really start to get interesting. Six sculpted deer heads hold lanterns in their mouths to top off that rustic look that might remind you of every 17th-century tavern you ever saw.

Rustic Iron Base Candle Lights Chandelier


Of course, you don’t have to spend a ton to get a chandelier that is actually interesting. This selection can warm those long winter evenings with seven candle-like lights along with a pine cone and twig that reminds you that there is still life even in the middle of winter.

Iron Art 6 Lights Rustic Chandelier


This chandelier cradles its six lights in realistic-looking iron branches for a unique look that might remind you of children’s tales in which a little girl finds a lamp in the middle of a winter forest.

Antler Decorative 8 Lights Iron Wagon Wheel Chandelier


This is another cool antler themed chandelier that is designed to blend into a rustic setting or stand out if you’re into decorating using any unique element you find. The fact that it contains eight lamps is pretty impressive for a chandelier that costs less than $800.

Hemp Rope Weave Ball Three Lights Chandelier


Have you ever gotten into a conversation with a friend about hemp but were unable to convince her of its many uses? This chandelier can help with three lamps contained within a hemp rope weave ball that can actually be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth as needed. It can make an excellent conversation starter for all the excellent benefits of hemp.

Rustic Bird Cage Shaped Resin Antler Chandelier


This chandelier combines the rustic look of faux antlers with a bird cage element that might attract your canary if he escapes from his cage. This can make a neat decorative element that goes well with your favorite vintage look.

4 Candle Lights Vintage Wood Chandelier


Add a fun modern chic look to your decorating with a chandelier whose fixture is actually made out of wood. The four lights reside within the center of a beautifully crafted piece that fits well with a modern look.

Black Dandelion 12 Lights Dining Room Pendant Lighting


This is a decidingly different modern take on the chandelier, with twelve lights that fan out in a way that resembles a black dandelion head of the sort that you might have fun blowing away the seeds with.

So, have you decided on a chandelier yet? No shame if you haven’t. There’s a lot of fun ones both on the Parrot Uncle website and on eBay. So have fun browsing, and you’ll probably find one so unique and interesting that it could become your next conversation starter when you have visitors.

Chandeliers on eBay

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