Ten Floor Lamps That Aren’t Boring

What do you look for in a floor lamp? Well, first and foremost, you look for something that goes good with your preferred decoration style. That means it’s easy to pick something that just blends in without really calling attention to itself. That’s the boring route and means that you only think of lamps as being a source of light that shouldn’t make some kind of statement. A lamp can be as much a work of art as that unique framed print of your favorite painting you already have hanging on the wall. Of course, if you went with a still-life painting of a bowl of fruit, you probably already picked out a couple of lamps that are equally boring. If not, here’s a few lamps that aren’t hesitant to draw attention and might even spark a good discussion the next time you have visitors.

17.72″ Driftwood Bouquet Handmade Floor Lamp with Fabric Shade


This is a neat lamp that turns ordinary driftwood into an attractive piece, and I mean real driftwood. I kid you not. Driftwood makes up the fixture for a lamp that turns material that might otherwise have been gathered and burned by unimaginative individuals into a work of art.

Arc Floor Lamps With Drum Aluminium Shade


This modernistic take on the lamp is available in black, white and red for a variety of decoration options that work well with decorating schemes that buck traditional thought modes. It works equally well when placed in a corner, near a desk or wherever you prefer to put a lamp that calls attention to itself without being overly complicated.

Modern Style Iron Floor Lamp with Driftwood Shade


This is the only lamp with shades that are actually made out of driftwood that I’ve seen. It’s decidingly different with a shape that suggests that part of the year that is somewhere between the time when all the trees have lost their leaves and the first truly heavy snowfall when all the wildflowers have gone to seed.

Tall Horse Indoor Floor Lamp


No, this is not a fakeout, this is a real full-sized statue of a horse that doubles as a lamp and is available in your choice of black or white. It’s a heavyweight at 60 kilograms, so make sure you have an idea of where you want it before you place it. This is a good pick for people who want to make sure they get the attention of fellow horse lovers.

Resin Pole Lounge Gun Floor Lamp


Think this is an ordinary lamp? Look again. This lamp doesn’t quite say you’re a gun-toting rebel, but it will say that you aren’t afraid to revolt against boring decorative schemes for the sake of a good conversation piece. It’s available in three styles so you can select the one you think will have the most impact with friends you might have been having a running debate over gun rights with.

Designer Dandelion Floor Lamp


Okay, this doesn’t really look that much like a dandelion, but it’s a cool lamp for anyone looking for a cool modernized design and four color options.

Modern Designer Snow Floor Lamp


My first reaction to this one was, “Okay, it’s a puffball on a stick.” But it works if you are looking for something that has an industrial style and four color combinations that ensure that this option fits into your modern decorating style.

Rustic Wood Floor Lamp for Living Room


This is a neat selection for people who favor a natural wood look with real Russian ash wood and plywood. You can choose black or red wire color for a more unique appearance. It’s suggested for reading rooms but you probably would prefer to put a lamp this awesome in an area where visitors can admire it.

Unique Design Floor Lamp with Three-part Acrylic Shade


This is a futuristic design that looks like it belongs in a science fiction-themed lounge and can work well in your modern home as well.

Unique Design Floor Lamp for Indoor Lighting


This funky-looking lamp doesn’t fool around when it comes to bringing a unique design element to your interior decorating. At first glance, it looks like some postmodern artist’s take on a lighthouse done up in Russian ash wood. I hope you won’t be too disappointed that it’s not, though.

More Unique Lamps on eBay

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