Ten Salt Lamps That Aren’t Boring

What’s the value of owning some salt lamps when you probably already have a decent light source? Well, these salt lamps can help you complete that room that might have felt like it was missing something in the interior decoration department by giving off a warm glow with a more unique appearance than an ordinary table lamp. Some salt lamps also serve as rudimentary air purifiers by releasing negatively charged ions that attract dust particles. Of course, you probably want a totally unique one so you aren’t just cloning all the people who just get salt rocks with light source added. So here’s a few interesting salt lamps for your consideration.

Special Handcrafted Dophin Crystal Salt Lamp


This adorable dolphin is made using salt crystal from the Himalayas to delight dolphin lovers with a marine mammal that emits a warm glow.

Air Purifying Glass Bowl Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp


If you kinda squint, this one looks like an off-color version of maps of Mars. It features a dimmer switch to get exactly the mood you want and a lightweight design so it can easily be moved anywhere whenever you decide to redecorate.

Creative Crystal Salt Table Lamp


This selection combines the best elements of a table lamp and a salt lamp and can hold crystal rocks for extra elegance.

Latest Natural Air Purifying Crystal Salt Table Lamp


This is one of my favorites, with an appearance that suggests eggs in a bird’s nest. They say the color of the wicker basket might vary a bit, but I’ve seen these in specialty stores and the variation isn’t that much. If you go by the pictures, this really goes well with a lot of backgrounds and color schemes.

Swan Shaped Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp


This is another cute one though I do think it looks more like a duck than a swan. It’s dimmable for providing just the right glow for the atmosphere you want.

Artistic Candelabrum Shaped Himalayan Salt Table Lamp


This is a neat selection for adding exactly the right touch of elegance to your tabletop. It’s like having a miniature version of the candelabra you might have always wanted.

Dimmable Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt Lamp


With a slight egg shape and the suggestion of roses, this selection makes for a simply elegant tabletop salt lamp that releases negative ions to help keep your air clean.

Novelty Vase Shape Crystal Salt Lamp


This is another one of my favorites for all those times when you wished you could think of something to do with all those vases you’ve accumulated over the years besides put flowers in them. Now a vase makes a nice holder for that salt lamp you’ve always wanted.

Creative Himalayan Salt Table Lamp


This selection is reminiscent of the old days when street lamps contained candles instead of electric light bulbs. I’m not entirely sure how sturdy the handle is yet but it has no trouble with being carried around by the handle so I can find exactly the right spot. It does draw compliments when I use it as the centerpiece for my decorating efforts, though.

Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp


And here’s the basic salt lamp you might have been looking for. You’re going to get a one-of-a-kind lamp with this choice because no two Himalayan salt rocks are exactly alike.

More Salt Lamps

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