Ten Off-The-Wall Expensive Watches

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t like to spend more money than you have to? If so, you’ve probably never once spent more than $100 on a watch that, in this digital age, wouldn’t be much more than an cheap fashion accessory at that price. I mean, why bother when your cheap cell phone can give you more accurate time. If that’s the case, you’ll probably agree with me that these watches are only for the people who want their watch to be as much a symbol of money as a timepiece. By the way, I post the list prices but the prices that World of Watches charges are usually less expensive. I just use the list prices to make the point that these watches cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Zenith Men’s Defy Xtreme Sea Tourbillon El Primero Black


At a list price of $145,000 (though World of Watches does have a “decent” discount that brings it down to five figures), this watch is one of the most expensive men’s watches I’ve seen. It looks like a real man’s watch with a hint of uniquely blue retro-cyberpunk with 60-second and 30-minute subdials that reveal the gears inside. It’s got some serious waterproofing that eliminates all worries of getting it wet. Take it diving if you want; it’ll go down to 3,330 feet without a problem. Is the price justified? Only if you make a salary that is on par with Warren Buffett’s.

Chopard Women’s Happy Sport Round MOP


Okay, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a diamond-encrusted Mickey Mouse, but this is the first time I’ve seen one on a luxury watch. With a list price of $41,430, you’ll do well to get as many diamond carats as possible and this one really packs it on with three floating diamonds, the Mickey Mouse head and diamond markers on a mother-of-pearl dial along with a stainless steel bezel with embedded diamonds. If you are a serious Disney fan with some money to spend, go for it. But when a watch costs as much as the annual income of a fairly typical middle-class family, it’s a little out of my price range.

Graham Men’s Silverstone Chronograph Tourbillograph


With three subdials featuring 60-second, 30-minute and 12-hour timers, this watch is a little more useful if you’re wanting to time the horses at your favorite horse racing track. However, at a list price of $55,760.00, this watch could well put a curb on your betting. It looks like a solidly constructed watch with highly accurate tachymeter function and stainless steel case. Is it worth the price tag? Maybe, if you’re interested in owning a sports watch that says you have some serious money to spend.

De Grisogono Women’s Automatic Instrumentino Dual Time Silver


With silver, white gold and diamonds and a pretty purple galuchat strap, this watch almost earns its list price of $36,900.00 just from the pure luxury factor. I will admit I like the design on this one. It’s rectangular, but the markers don’t look at all awkwardly placed because they’re in a smaller, round diamond-bordered area.

Cvstos Men’s Challenge-R 50 Grey Dial Black Rubber


This is a fancier men’s watch with 18K Rose Gold case and subdials that display 60-second, 30-minute and 12-hour timers. At a list price of $44,800.00, if it didn’t look snazzy, I probably wouldn’t even look twice at it. I do like that the subdial layout and overall coloring makes the face sort of look like the indicators that a car driver looks at every day on his morning commute. It’s rubber and not leather, so rich vegan people should like this one.

Chopard Women’s Happy Sport Round MOP with Floating Diamonds


Despite Chopard’s apparent inability to give unique names to its watch models, this is actually a nice-looking one with a list price of $26,190.00. It goes heavy on the rose gold with rose goldtone hands and markers along with a nice pink-colored rose gold bracelet. Five floating diamonds complete the look for a watch that will not look out of place at a dinner meeting with high-leveled executives.

Zenith Men’s Pilot Doublematic


This is an interesting pick that has obviously been designed for people who travel a lot to keep up with their international business. With a list price of $31,900.00, it includes a 30-minute subdial and an alarm subdial. This is a limited edition with only 250 pieces made, which explains why it has a price tag that would make you think that it is a rare antique timepiece.

Chopard Women’s Happy Sport Round MOP with Mickey Mouse Motif


This is another Mickey Mouse watch for serious Disney fans with a list price of $20,650.00. With seven floating diamonds and a bezel with more embedded diamonds to justify the price tag, it makes a Mickey Mouse operation out of a luxury watch for successful career women who haven’t quite outgrown kiddie cartoons.

Panerai Men’s Radiomir Mechanical Black Dial Brown


This selection boasts genuine alligator in the strap with an 18K rose gold case and a list price tag of $26,800.00. With a relatively simple design for a pricey men’s watch, it looks impressive on the wrist of any CEO or vice president.

Chopard Women’s Happy Sport Round Blue MOP with Floating Diamond Moons & Stars


With a list price of $21,400.00, you would pretty well expect something that would look good on the wrist of the high-powered career woman, right? But the blue color and the moon and stars design on the face tends to spoil the effect. It’s genuine alligator leather and a face of blue mother of pearl along with floating diamonds in the moon and stars.

Expensive, Aren’t They?

Sure they are. And people really, truly spend this much – if not more – for a luxury watch that they can wear to all the parties and the board meetings along with just using it to impress the people who are stuck using their Smart Phones and the wall clock in their office to tell time. Obviously, nobody ever told the CEO to his face that the watch he is wearing as a fashion statement is so anachronistic that it isn’t even funny. Still want one? Sure; I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money. Just keep in mind that watches are going the way of the sundial, so the rest of us could well end up just laughing up our sleeves at you while we pretend to check the time on our phone and snap a picture.

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