How To Do The Moonwalk Like Michael Jackson

michael_moonwalkingDon’t know how to do the Moonwalk? If you’re a true fan of Michael Jackson, you must have tried at some point with varying degrees of success. The Moonwalk is a graceful blend of sliding, gliding, and floating. Many people are unaware that Michael Jackson actually did not invent the mechanics of this dance, but came up with the name “moonwalk” and has made it easily one of the most recognized dance moves in history.

First you want to find a smooth surface to do the Moonwalk on such as a dance floor or a kitchen floor. Just make sure it’s flat and smooth! Beginners should preferably wear socks (or shoes with no traction).

5 Steps To Do The Moonwalk

  • 180px-Moonwalk1_42The first step: Get into a “L” position with your legs and feet. Lift your right leg approximately one foot behind your left and place it so your right foot toes are touching the floor (foot is in a vertical position).
  • 180px-Moonwalk2_743The second step: Find your balance. Increase or decrease the space between your feet until you feel stable. Usually I have my feet about 3-6 inches apart.
  • Moonwalk4_1180px-Moonwalk5_916The third step: Slide your left heel back and down (pretending to touch the floor) as you lean back on your right leg. During this whole motion, your heel on your right foot should remain in the air and toes pointed to the floor.
  • 180px-Moonwalk6_663The fourth step: Snap the heel of your left foot up off the floor as you simultaneously snap the heel of your right foot down. Now you should be in the L-position again, but this time with your right and left feet switched.(Repeat the previous two steps, switching the roles of your right and left foot)
  • 180px-Moonwalk7_825The last step: Add a head movement to help create the illusion of “moonwalking.” As you slide your leg back, move your head forward as if it’s being left behind in the movement. Then pull it back to the body as you switch to the other foot.Pictures from WikiHow


If you’re doing it right, it should look something like this.
Of course, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t get it exactly right the first time, or even the fifth time, you try it. It takes practice, preferably in front of a full-length mirror or a friend who can give you constructive advice. And remember…
Michael Jackson Did Not Invent This Dance Move!
Who can argue with a living legend? Certainly not me. Here’s somebody who did a REAL moonwalk and does a pretty good waltz to boot.