Mars One Candidates — Part 3

Now that the Round 3 candidates for Mars One has been announced, I’ve touched base with a few of the people who made it and one who didn’t. Some of these are updates from previous interviews.

Lennart Lopin

Lennart is still aiming to literally take cryptocurrencies to another world with Marscoin and Mars One.

Cody Don Reeder

It may be a good idea to keep explosives away from Cody when he makes it to Mars if you go by his Youtube channel, but he’s still up for becoming the first beekeeper on another planet.

Oscar Matthews

I actually got two interviews with Oscar, one in which he talks about Mars One and another in which he talks about trying on spacesuits at Final Frontier Design.

Alison Christine Rigby

Alison has been a busy beaver on the media circuit, with appearances on CNN and in The Sun.

Melissa Ede

Unfortunately, Melissa didn’t make it past Round 2 of the selection process, but she’s not letting that slow her down much. She’s still making several appearances with media outlets around the UK.

Mars One

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