Meet The Candidates — Part One (-ish).

I suppose it’s no secret by now that we’re all going to have our Mars One candidate interviews soon, not that I can go into a lot of details on an official basis. A lot of us have been talking about the interview process, not that there’s a ton of details officially being released by Mars One. Some of us are already having some pretty funny dreams involving Bill Nye and the Mars Society being involved in the interviews. That one wasn’t me, but that’s how you know it’s starting to click in people’s minds that this is really happening.

On top of everything else, I have my own Youtube channel and I’ve already interviewed a few Mars One candidates. Talking to other Mars One candidates is kinda fun anyhow and I’ve done a few Google Hangouts before this, but I actually get to interview them. Maybe it’s just a way for us to get used to being on camera as the center of attention if only for about 15 minutes to half an hour. In my case, it’s fair to say that this wasn’t even my idea. I expected to be the interviewee, not the interviewer. But here’s the Mars One candidates who have been kind enough to be interviewed by me so far.

Melissa Ede

This one was an especially fun interview to do and Melissa came close to turning it around and interviewing me. Melissa Ede has been rocking the media as the transgender Mars One candidate who hopes her involvement will inspire the LGBT community and give diversity a boost. She is a taxi driver and licensed welder who lives in the UK. Visit Her Website

Lennart Lopin

A programmer by trade, Lennart Lopin is a member of the Marscoin Foundation, which promotes a cryptocurrency created specifically as the semi-official currency of the planet Mars. He recently gave a presentation on Marscoin at the Mars Society. Visit His Website

Cody Reeder

Cody Reeder was also a fun one to do. He’s done hydroponics, beekeeping, and he’s even done some of those “Don’t try this at home, folks” experiments that involve making rocket fuel using ingredients you can find around the house. Be sure to check out his Youtube channel for all kinds of coolness, including some fun with dry ice!

Shaun Moss

Shaun Moss discusses his view of how his International Mars Research Station, a proposed international effort for establishing a Martian base, can become a reality. Be sure to check out the International Mars Research Station Website and Shaun’s Youtube channel that includes his Mars One application video.

Honorable Mentions

While these individuals aren’t Mars One candidates, they also agreed to do interviews.

Justin Waters

Justin Waters founded the Space Party, an organization that is devoted to promotion of political support for space efforts. While the Space Party has no current plans to run candidates, it means to keep support for space agencies like NASA in the public eye. Learn more at Space Party USA.

Mark Carney

Mark Carney has created a proposed space station called the City of Enoch, which can provide support for efforts like the exploration and colonization of Mars and house up to 150,000 residents. The City of Enoch has an official Facebook page and Youtube channel, and I also wrote a blog entry about it not very long ago.

Is this part one? There’s one interview that I might redo because I think Google Hangouts got hung up, but I don’t have any other interviews in the works right this minute (none that I can officially talk about, anyhow, and it’s making me feel like James Bond :P). If you’re a Mars One candidate or you’ve worked on an interesting space project, you might be next.

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