Meet The Candidates — Part Two

So I’ve already posted a few interviews I did with Mars One candidates under the guise of “Meet The Candidates – Part One.” And Part One implies a Part Two, right? This took a little longer than I liked in between being massively busy at the end of December, lining up interviews, and dealing with technical glitches, but these are five cool Mars One candidates.

Ken Johnston

Ken Johnston is a retired Marine and former NASA employee who was a finalist for NASA’s astronaut selection process. Fun fact: He flew the LLRV/LLTV lunar module simulator.

Ryan MacDonald

Ryan MacDonald enjoys making videos for his own Youtube channel (Lots of Mars stuff!) and generally talking about his enthusiasm for Mars colonization.

Max Fagin

Having just recently finished an internship with SpaceX, Max Fagin is back at his studies for his master’s degree and is busy working on his thesis.

Lt. Heidi Beemer

Lt. Heidi Beemer is an officer in the U.S. army who has also been a member of two Mars Desert Research Station crews.

Darlene Denis

Darlene Denis is currently an English as a Second Language tutor. Here’s her Fiverr gig if you want to improve your American English skills.

If you want to join the ranks of Mars One candidates, keep your eyes peeled because I’ve heard through the grapevine that they might be re-opening the application process at some point in the future. The rest of us are gearing up for future challenges coming down the pike. Stay tuned.

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