Bitcoiners Should Quit Being So Grumpy.

So I might have mentioned a few times that I like cryptocurrencies. They’re pretty easy to use if you can copy-and-paste a string of letters and numbers. Transaction fees are low to nonexistent for most cryptocurrencies, so they can really save retailers a lot of money and it’s not hard for them to pass those … [Read more…]

Blame The Guilty Parties, Not The Religion

  The hostage situation in a Sydney cafe ended earlier today with commandos storming the cafe, leaving three people dead. Reports say that the hostage takers were led by a self-styled Muslim cleric named Man Haron Monis, an Iranian refugee whose previous run-ins with the law include a conviction for writing threatening letters to the … [Read more…]

Making A Difference Goes Way Beyond Awareness

Do you ever become annoyed by those commercials that show images of starving children or abused pets and ask you to send donations? They may send meals to those starving children, but they’re also not-so-subtly saying, “We need to get this TV commercial paid for. Please help.” They expect you to pay for purely raising … [Read more…]

Bitcoin Can Help The Victims Of Income Inequality

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are already doing a lot of good things. Bitcoin miners donated over 51 Bitcoin to an organization that helps African children who have been orphaned by AIDS. The Dogecoin community has helped cash-strapped athletic teams get to the Olympics and raised money to bring clean water to an African village. Marscoin has made … [Read more…]

Meet The Candidates — Part One (-ish).

I suppose it’s no secret by now that we’re all going to have our Mars One candidate interviews soon, not that I can go into a lot of details on an official basis. A lot of us have been talking about the interview process, not that there’s a ton of details officially being released by … [Read more…]

Should We Terraform Mars, or Bioengineer Ourselves?

Should we terraform Mars, or bioengineer our species to adapt to our new environment? It’s an interesting question. My personal feeling is that we shouldn’t rush into anything we might regret. We get plans like slamming asteroids into Mars’ polar caps because the human species gets impatient. It’s fortunate that most sensible plans for terraforming … [Read more…]