“Bitcoin Big Bang” Almost Over


The cryptocurrency world is in a critical phase right now. The initial, “Big Bang” era that was equal parts creation, chaos and head-turning neat stuff after Bitcoin’s introduction may be almost over. Things are slowing down and settling out now that the first rush is over and that may be a big part of what’s … [Read more…]

Where Are All The Bitcoin Girls?


So there’s been a lot of questions of why women aren’t getting into Bitcoin lately. Besides the fact that upscale fashion malls don’t accept Bitcoin payments yet, women seem to be hesitating to get involved in a geek thing associated with bad news like the Silk Road bust. There are a few “girl geeks” involved, … [Read more…]

The Same Old Bank Is On Its Way Out

How much do you hate your bank? Anyone who has ever had a checking account or taken out a loan knows the feeling. Somebody at the bank miscalculated something and then tried to blame you for it. You just got socked with an overdraft fee. You might have heard good things about credit unions and … [Read more…]

South Dakota Has Competition And Guess What It Is!

What does South Dakota have going for it? Well, at least it’s not Mars. That’s the message in its latest ad aimed at young people who mostly see it as a tourist destination and don’t consider the fact that people actually live there. It makes an indirect reference to Mars One in its script: “Mars. … [Read more…]

Why Does “Geek Culture” Exist?

So every day, you’re bombarded with ads for Star Trek, Star Wars, or the latest geek thing of the week or you see those videos of science fiction themed dens that make man caves look tame. You don’t quite get it because it’s like geeks, nerds, whatever you want to call them just aren’t satisfied … [Read more…]