A Useless Criticism of Mars One

So a friend of mine shared somebody’s Facebook post that is one of the most negative attacks on Mars One yet. I’m not even going to hide any names to protect the guilty. This link will take you right to the original post by Alexander Ilin. This is a man who, first, needs to read … [Read more...]

Ten Educational Apps for the Nook

You have a Kindle and you’ve noticed your kids playing with it when they think you won’t see. Talk about little mischief-makers, right? But you don’t necessarily have to freak. With some fun apps, you could probably distract them from doing any real damage to your Kindle. While you’re at it, you might as well … [Read more...]

The Robots vs. Humans In Space Debate

The debate on whether we should send robots or humans to explore our solar system has been going on for as long as we’ve been slinging stuff into outer space. Robot proponents say that robots can survive the risks better than humans and, even when they do fail, at least they’re not alive. Opportunity has … [Read more...]

Is The Media Event The Best Way To Fund Mars?

While watching the live streaming for the recent Mars Society convention, I managed to relay a question to Mars One founder Bas Lansdorp: “What would you say to the people who claim that you’re going to put [television] ratings over picking the best team to go to Mars?” This has been my chief concern with … [Read more...]


Jagermeister is Germany’s most popular exported liqueur. It has a mildly fruity taste without being too sweet and its exact recipe is one of the best kept secrets of the alcoholic beverage world. Jagermeister is rumored to include 56 herbs in carefully balanced measurements. It is a favorite for shooters and people who enjoy a … [Read more...]

Michael Collins

The “forgotten man” of the Apollo 11 mission that first landed men on the moon, Michael Collins was part of Astronaut Group 3, the fourteen astronauts whose selection was announced in October 1963. He also flew the Gemini 10 mission, which performed rendezvous maneuvers with two different spacecraft and also featured two successful EVAs by … [Read more...]

Neil A. Armstrong

The most famous American astronaut, Neil Armstrong is best known for being the first to set foot on the moon. But did you know… Neil Armstrong is one of the first civilian astronauts. Neil Armstrong had been a Navy pilot, but had retired before applying to NASA as an astronaut. He was part of the … [Read more...]

Government Grants and Student Loans

Government grants might sound like a free lunch to many people. However, they are not. With grants, the recipient will be expected to file progress reports after the money is received. This does not mean that grants can’t be helpful for giving a person or organization a little extra boost. Grants and low-interest loans provided … [Read more...]

Is Interplanetary Trade Worth It?

We haven’t even put up a permanent settlement on another planet yet and already people are turning into a gaggle of geese whenever the topic of an interplanetary economy comes up. Not that it’s a bad thing to at least get people thinking about it even if the Internet seems to give a voice to … [Read more...]

My Ten Favorite Eternity Rings

Because I am going to Mars, I have no intention of ever needing a wedding ring. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t sympathize with the need to find the perfect pair of rings. You could easily spend several hundred or even a couple of thousand dollars on two matching rings and you want something that’s … [Read more...]