10 Impressively Expensive Necklaces

Have you wondered how much those necklaces that wealthy women wear are worth? Probably a lot, right? You probably won’t be too surprised that there are necklaces out there that are worth about as much as the household income of the average American family. Think about that the next time you see some high-society chick … [Read more...]

Meteor Watch Day

This one’s for the sky watchers: Meteor Day, June 30th. Why this day? Well, if you happen to be looking up at a clear night sky on June 30th, you might catch some of the Draconid meteor shower coming from the Big Dipper. The good news is that, if you can’t get out of the … [Read more...]

About Wireless Internet Standards

The Internet has standards? Oh, yes. These standards help us carry out our online activities every day. In fact, these standards are part of the reason wireless Internet is so popular today and helps your laptop and mobile devices understand what to expect when they connect with a wireless router, whether you use Wi-Fi at … [Read more...]

The Upcoming Mars Society Convention (2014)

If you’re a space travel enthusiast who regularly visits the relevant sites, you might have heard by now that the Mars Society is hosting its annual convention in Houston on August 7-10. This is going to be one of the interesting conventions, as things are actually beginning to get rolling on the Mars front, and … [Read more...]

What Bitcoin Could Learn From Marscoin

When talking about how to take Bitcoin mainstream, I hear a lot of suggestions for getting businesses on board. Whatever the Bitcoin development team is doing, it seems to be working. Dell just recently got on board. We’ve got TigerDirect and Newegg. Things seem to be chugging along even with all the negative news like … [Read more...]

Top Netbooks and Laptops

So you’re looking for a new laptop because your last one finally tanked from its chronic overheating problem. You just want to make sure you choose one that can handle your usage, especially if you’re a gamer who earns the money to pay for your gaming habit by mining cryptocurrencies when you’re not actually playing … [Read more...]

The Surf’s Up VoxBox

So I got this box in the mail a couple of days ago. Of course I was curious – Influenster had been promising me some free samples and it looks like they finally got here. I took a pair of scissors to the tape and opened it up. Contents included a drinkable pain reliever called … [Read more...]

Zippers: Where Did They Come From?

You probably don’t think much about zippers in your everyday life, but it’s hard to imagine life without them. They zip up your clothing, your purses, your snazzy new laptop case, and just about anything that needs to be fastened easily. Sure, it’s annoying when they snag and break, but there are easy ways to … [Read more...]

Gifts for the Space Nerd

You know someone who is a total space enthusiast. He has a collection of model rockets. He knows who Valentina Tereshkova is. He can name all seven of the Mercury astronauts in the order they flew in space. This is somebody who doesn’t exactly expect everybody to actually know that Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott … [Read more...]

PandaHall — Your Source for Wholesale Crafting Supplies

PandaHall is one of the top wholesalers for buying beads and supplies for making your own jewelry in bulk. As a wholesaler, they obviously do most of their business with retailers that specialize in crafts and inexpensive custom jewelry, but they also have special deals for people who are just looking for something genuinely unique … [Read more...]