Insects are what’s for dinner.

So we’re all on Mars. What are we going to do about protein in our diet? There are a few favorite options for solving this problem. Mushrooms will give you no trouble if you give them the right nutrient blend, a UV light and a dark corner to grow in. Chickens lay eggs, but watch … [Read more...]

The NRA Isn’t So Bad, Is It?

If you are a citizen of the United States of American and remember your history lessons pretty well, you might remember the Minute Men who fought in the American Revolution. These were people who could grab their guns and defend their homes on a minute’s notice. They usually owned those guns and used them to … [Read more...]


Today I learned something new. There is such a thing called astrophobia – the unreasonable fear of stars and outer space. That recording of Jose Jimenez in a mock-up of a pressure suit pleading with the American people, “Please don’t do this to me!” is a satirical version of astrophobia coming from comedian Bill Dana. … [Read more...]

We’re ready.

So there still seems to be some question about whether a little Dutch private organization can really send people to Mars. Some MIT students published this study that concludes that Mars One’s claims that the technology needed to do so already exists or will in the near future. One of their points is that the … [Read more...]

Technology Is Making Fast Food Workers Obsolete

If you were an awake and aware American this past summer, you probably heard about fast food workers who staged one-day strikes demanding $15 an hour. It’s actually quite amusing until municipals start making that their minimum wage. These are people who are working at a job that would ideally be the realm of teenagers … [Read more...]

Why Haven’t We Found ET Yet?

There was a time when people thought Earth was the center of the known universe. Then Earth got pushed out of the center by the Sun. Now we know that the Sun is not even the center of our galaxy and, in fact, is a fairly average G-class star. The interesting part is that we … [Read more...]

Space Flight Is Becoming Inexpensive

So you probably heard that India successfully put its “Mangalyaan” orbiter, also known as MOM, into orbit if you pay attention to space-related news at all. They joined the Mars Club on the first try and did it for about $75 million dollars. That’s less than Hollywood paid to make the short-but-sweet blockbuster Gravity. They … [Read more...]

No, We Are Not Going To Go Nuts

Whenever I talk about Mars One, one common topic that comes up once sex, babies and “Is this for real?” are covered is the idea that we could all go insane from the tedium and from just seeing the same few faces all the time. These are usually the same people who hit the nightclubs … [Read more...]

Christmas Already??

If you pay attention to news from around the retailing world, you might know that Sam’s Club already has Christmas displays out. Their excuse is that they had some empty space in their warehouse from departments that were nearly sold out and empty square footage is area that’s not making any money. So if you … [Read more...]

Play Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is just one of many varieties of Solitaire. You’re probably more familiar with “Klondike,” or common Solitaire, but Spider has been growing in popularity since its free inclusion in the Windows operating system. If you’re looking for variety, you can play Spider with easy one suit, two suits which is a little trickier, … [Read more...]