Is Google Forgetting Its Motto?

Google seems to have forgotten its motto, “Don’t be evil,” lately. The popular search engine will filter results for its definition of what “truth” is, ignoring the fact that many issues aren’t exactly “settled science.” While many people might make up their minds after viewing the first few search results, less lazy individuals may prefer … [Read more…]

Cybernetic Implants Shouldn’t Be Suppressed

If you follow tech news closely, you might vaguely remember reading something about people who could use cybernetic implants to send signals to each other during a card game. Discovery News has called human enhancements like this one “alarming,” and it would be difficult for many science fiction fans to disagree when they practically grew … [Read more…]

A Flying Car Could Be Part Of Your Future

A Flying Car Could Be Part Of Your Future

If you’ve ever lived across the street from one of those local airports, you probably know the sound of personal airplanes and the occasional helicopter passing right overhead. These are people who can hop into their aircraft anytime they need to travel to the next metropolis or the next state over. Some of them probably … [Read more…]

Capitalism Needs Cryptocurrencies

How do you think people paid for things in the 14th century? When most people went shopping, they might have gone to an outdoor marketplace that was considered an ordinary shopping center at the time. You would see men carrying purses that contained their money – usually coins, because paper money hadn’t quite caught on … [Read more…]