“Grexit” + Bitcoin: Opportunity for Investors?


So Bitcoin’s current jump in value is coinciding with Greece’s current economic crisis. Coincidence? Cause and effect? The pundits seem to be all over the map on this one and, in fact, the answer to this one might fall somewhere in the middle. You can be sure that international investors are watching what’s going on … [Read more…]

When Activism Is A Waste Of Your Time


Whenever I hit Facebook, I often have a dozen messages shoved in my face by armchair activists with nothing better to do than “raise awareness” about causes they don’t mind giving some moral support to. Vote for Bernie Sanders. Oppose that Chinese dog eating festival. Look at this image of starving children and make a … [Read more…]

Yeah, So I’m A Freelance Writer…

Freelance content writing isn’t difficult work if you can find it. You may have been the one who got As in your college-level technical writing class and you figure that you might as well do that on the side. It can be dull when you’re churning out product descriptions for wedding rings or spinning out yet … [Read more…]

Hackcoin Blockchain Hackathon To Be Held June 20

Are you an entrepreneur and/or developer who believes in the power of the Blockchain? If so, you may want to move fast to register with Hackcoin Blockchain Hackathon, which is hosting its London event on June 20 to connect with like-minded individuals to create solutions for anything that can benefit from the tamper-resistant nature of … [Read more…]

Elon Musk Is Not A Welfare Queen


So now Elon Musk is getting accusations of being a welfare queen. That’s kind of a funny one partly because he doesn’t look much like the kind of person who would qualify to be a queen. Maybe deep down, the ones who are calling him that for accepting loans and tax breaks from federal and … [Read more…]