Ready To Leave? Don’t Blame You.

So I’ve heard people say that their voice could be amplified if they could only leave a particular system if they don’t feel like they’re being heard. They call it “exiting.” Roger Ver, better known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” has gotten some attention for doing exactly that because he felt like he was being picked on … [Read more…]

Why I Just Don’t Care Anymore


Do you have an opinion? Sure; I do too. Everybody has an opinion and the thing about the Internet is that it’s easier than ever to voice your opinions on issues that you actually care about and actually be heard and occasionally trolled. The downside is that, if you spend any time on the Internet … [Read more…]

RBE On Mars? Only On The Local Level.

martian money

How often do you get into conversations about the future of economics? I’ve seen a few lately where people were considering the economic models of a future Martian colony. It’s a good thing to think about in advance so we can weed out the obviously ill-considered concepts, actually. Talking about economics on a space-minded forum … [Read more…]

“Bitcoin Big Bang” Almost Over


The cryptocurrency world is in a critical phase right now. The initial, “Big Bang” era that was equal parts creation, chaos and head-turning neat stuff after Bitcoin’s introduction may be almost over. Things are slowing down and settling out now that the first rush is over and that may be a big part of what’s … [Read more…]

Where Are All The Bitcoin Girls?


So there’s been a lot of questions of why women aren’t getting into Bitcoin lately. Besides the fact that upscale fashion malls don’t accept Bitcoin payments yet, women seem to be hesitating to get involved in a geek thing associated with bad news like the Silk Road bust. There are a few “girl geeks” involved, … [Read more…]