Ten Salt Lamps That Aren’t Boring

What’s the value of owning some salt lamps when you probably already have a decent light source? Well, these salt lamps can help you complete that room that might have felt like it was missing something in the interior decoration department by giving off a warm glow with a more unique appearance than an ordinary … [Read more…]

Doctor Matt Taylor Deserves An Apology

The kind of scientists and engineers who can land a probe on a comet are obviously very smart people. They would practically have to be pretty patient, too, considering it took Rosetta ten years to reach Comet 67P. One thing they aren’t known for, though, is fashion sense. The common image is the nerdy engineer … [Read more…]

Space Is A Good Use Of Your Money

First off, let me just say congrats to the ESA for pulling off something that nobody’s ever done before. Rosetta has rendezvoused with a comet and dispatched Philae to land on it. I hope they get a lot of good science out of that and we’ve already gotten some neat pictures. At a cost of … [Read more…]

Stuff To Do With Coffee

What’s the most creative thing you’ve ever done with coffee? I mean other than accidentally putting a tablespoon or two into your soup because your container of instant coffee looked so much like your container of beef granules, and then the soup tasted funny and your entire family got no sleep that night. Don’t worry, … [Read more…]

Ten Floor Lamps That Aren’t Boring

What do you look for in a floor lamp? Well, first and foremost, you look for something that goes good with your preferred decoration style. That means it’s easy to pick something that just blends in without really calling attention to itself. That’s the boring route and means that you only think of lamps as … [Read more…]

Ten Chandeliers That Aren’t Boring

What do you think of when you picture a chandelier? If you have a mental image of ones like you see in the ballroom scene of “Beauty and the Beast,” I don’t blame you. They can get pretty boring for those of us who aren’t aware of the kind of variety you can get in … [Read more…]

My Thoughts On Interstellar

Like every space minded person in America, I went to see Interstellar over the weekend. In a near future in which crops are dying, schoolteachers spread pseudoscience claptrap about the moon landings being faked and most people have lost the ability to think beyond how they’re going to survive on an Earth that is becoming … [Read more…]

Philanthropy Has An Image Problem

So there are a few people in this world who have control of more wealth than they could ever reasonably expect to spend in this lifetime. What are they going to do with the excess? My first bet is that they’ll probably leave their vast estates to relatives. Many people talk about how the 85 … [Read more…]

The Loss Of SpaceShipTwo Should Not Be A Show-Stopper

It’s kind of been a rough week in the aerospace world. An Antares rocket set to make a delivery to the International Space Station explodes only a few seconds after launch. Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo suffers a fatal “anomaly” that killed one pilot and seriously injured another. Two losses in a week is pretty unusual for … [Read more…]

3D Printing and the Martian Economy

On a Facebook group I’m a member of, I recently saw a suggestion that commerce will be practically nonexistent on Mars because 3D printing would be able to provide most of the material goods that Martians will ever need. I am not entirely sure that he thought that one through. Additive manufacturing machines have improved … [Read more…]