Space Flight Is Becoming Inexpensive

So you probably heard that India successfully put its “Mangalyaan” orbiter, also known as MOM, into orbit if you pay attention to space-related news at all. They joined the Mars Club on the first try and did it for about $75 million dollars. That’s less than Hollywood paid to make the short-but-sweet blockbuster Gravity. They … [Read more...]

No, We Are Not Going To Go Nuts

Whenever I talk about Mars One, one common topic that comes up once sex, babies and “Is this for real?” are covered is the idea that we could all go insane from the tedium and from just seeing the same few faces all the time. These are usually the same people who hit the nightclubs … [Read more...]

Christmas Already??

If you pay attention to news from around the retailing world, you might know that Sam’s Club already has Christmas displays out. Their excuse is that they had some empty space in their warehouse from departments that were nearly sold out and empty square footage is area that’s not making any money. So if you … [Read more...]

Play Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is just one of many varieties of Solitaire. You’re probably more familiar with “Klondike,” or common Solitaire, but Spider has been growing in popularity since its free inclusion in the Windows operating system. If you’re looking for variety, you can play Spider with easy one suit, two suits which is a little trickier, … [Read more...]

My Reddit AMA

One of my frustrations about promoting Mars One is that local media outlets don’t seem very interested. I’ve done one podcast interview and one local newspaper. Blogging about the whole thing can be neat, but I’m not reaching much of an audience. However, a while back, Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp did a Reddit AMA. … [Read more...]

A Useless Criticism of Mars One

So a friend of mine shared somebody’s Facebook post that is one of the most negative attacks on Mars One yet. I’m not even going to hide any names to protect the guilty. This link will take you right to the original post by Alexander Ilin. This is a man who, first, needs to read … [Read more...]

Ten Educational Apps for the Nook

You have a Kindle and you’ve noticed your kids playing with it when they think you won’t see. Talk about little mischief-makers, right? But you don’t necessarily have to freak. With some fun apps, you could probably distract them from doing any real damage to your Kindle. While you’re at it, you might as well … [Read more...]

The Robots vs. Humans In Space Debate

The debate on whether we should send robots or humans to explore our solar system has been going on for as long as we’ve been slinging stuff into outer space. Robot proponents say that robots can survive the risks better than humans and, even when they do fail, at least they’re not alive. Opportunity has … [Read more...]

Is The Media Event The Best Way To Fund Mars?

While watching the live streaming for the recent Mars Society convention, I managed to relay a question to Mars One founder Bas Lansdorp: “What would you say to the people who claim that you’re going to put [television] ratings over picking the best team to go to Mars?” This has been my chief concern with … [Read more...]