Cannabium Is Launching the CBD-Backed Token Private Sale

Instead of struggling with fiat transactions in the newly regulated industry, buyers and producers of cannabis extracts may participate in the Cannabium Marketplace using the CNAB token. ONE Colombia has signed on as the primary cannabis extract producer for the Cannabium Marketplace.   The market for CBD appears to be growing significantly, with recent forecasts … [Read more…]

Ophir Gertner Founds Smartologic to Provide Blockchain Consulting Services for 4 Promising ICOs

Companies that push the envelope, particularly those based principally in technology, continually need to optimize their operations and the security of those operations. Lately, blockchain technology has been touted as the solution to those needs. Blockchain, which encrypts and decentralizes data in a way that makes it both efficient and secure, is new enough that … [Read more…]

Amberdata Adds Aion Network to Blockchain Analytics Platform

Palo Alto, CA – July 25, 2018 – Amberdata, the leading provider for blockchain monitoring and analytics, today announced a partnership with Aion Network to provide, real-time transparency and intelligence of Aion’s blockchain on Amberdata’s platform for the community. With support for both the Aion Kilimanjaro (Mainnet) and Aion Conquest (Testnet) blockchains, Amberdata will offer … [Read more…]