Open Letter to Elon Musk

  To Elon Musk: You probably get a lot of interview requests from people like me, the independent blogger and Youtube channel owner who makes a living through creating content. It would not surprise me if you dismiss 99% of them as a waste of your time simply because the blog and/or Youtube channel does … [Read more…]

“Why Explore Mars When We Could…”

Robert Zubrin on Why We Should Go To Mars This is one I hear a lot. Why explore Mars when we could be helping people who live in deserts with limited access to fresh water? My classy retort was essentially, “Look it it this way: The same water extraction technology they’re developing for manned Mars … [Read more…]

The Trillion Dollar Question of Space Mining

Another day, another argument about whether bringing home resources mined in space would even be legal. In fact, it’s worth exploring now even though about the only guides we have are one or two decades-old treaties, including the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. Realistically, if space mining companies bring loads of rare-Earth elements to sell … [Read more…]

Does This Car Make Me Look Stoopid?

So you may have heard about Elon Musk’s latest dust-up with a fellow named Stewart Alsop. Apparently, Musk decided to cancel Alsop’s Tesla order after Alsop made rude comments about Tesla and Musk in an open letter that criticized the latest launch event. While Alsop might have had some legitimate gripes, such as starting the … [Read more…]

When Your Cat Is Your Best Friend

Almost three years ago now, we got a call from a neighbor who had a litter of orphaned kittens. A skunk had gotten into the barn and she wanted to know if it would be all right if she brought two of them down to our place pronto. We’d already agreed to take them on … [Read more…]

Why Bother With Mars, Anyway?

Mars is a hot topic among space enthusiasts these days. Mars One was always a long shot but I never really thought it was a deliberate scam. The funding seems to be the hard part when it comes to executing a complex project like this, but they might still pull it off if Bas Lansdorp could … [Read more…]

Lessons From Grumpy Cat

You know Grumpy Cat as that cute little feline with the grumpy look on her face. She’s rocked the Internet with proof that cats with dwarfism deserve to be loved too, even when they look like they’re in a nasty mood most of the time. What could we learn from this cute little girl? It’s … [Read more…]