A Nobel Prize for Elon Musk?

There’s a Change.com petition asking the Swedish Nobel Committee to consider Elon Musk for the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences floating around the Internet. While it’s uncertain that the Nobel committee would seriously consider a businessman – however successful – for the Nobel instead of an academician, a nod from Nobel would not necessarily be … [Read more…]

Open Letter to Elon Musk

  To Elon Musk: You probably get a lot of interview requests from people like me, the independent blogger and Youtube channel owner who makes a living through creating content. It would not surprise me if you dismiss 99% of them as a waste of your time simply because the blog and/or Youtube channel does … [Read more…]

“Why Explore Mars When We Could…”

Robert Zubrin on Why We Should Go To Mars This is one I hear a lot. Why explore Mars when we could be helping people who live in deserts with limited access to fresh water? My classy retort was essentially, “Look it it this way: The same water extraction technology they’re developing for manned Mars … [Read more…]